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Find Your Way with US

We want Pfannenberg to be more than just a stepping stone in your career.  We want to help you further, shape and develop your career. Let us help you get there!

A Question of Perspective …

As a company, we want to continue to develop; we only succeed if our employees succeed too. We owe a great deal of our success to the efforts of our employees.  It is, therefore, also in our interest to promote every employee according to his or her ability and willingness to perform. In doing so, we meet the expectations of the employees while continuing to fulfill the company’s needs.

We have designed and implemented personnel development and training programs for our employees that include a large number of seminar and training measures. These training programs are open to all employees. In addition to leadership training, we offer a range of training programs including the improvement of personal work techniques, seminars and communication training.

Continuous Development

Pfannenberg offers an international program for junior staff, called the Pfannenberg Excellence Program. This program is designed to help you further develop your career, connecting you with international contacts within our company.

Outside the Box

Like any company with global locations, we benefit from understanding our international employees. The best way to good communication is still through personal contact and connection. In order to intensify our international cooperation, we offer our employees the opportunity to take on responsibilities beyond their own country market, based on their areas of expertise.

In this way, international experiences, language skills and the global network within the company are strengthened.