10 Years Warranty

For select product series of Pfannenberg Signaling Technology

Pfannenberg (Pfannenberg Group Holding and its subsidiaries – hereinafter referred to as Pfannenberg) offers its customers an extension of the warranty to a total of 10 years for select products of Signaling technology.

The warranty period begins on the date of invoice and applies worldwide.

If a warranted defect is reported to Pfannenberg within the warranty period, Pfannenberg shall deliver a new or reconditioned replacement device free of charge.

The General Conditions on the basis of the “General Conditions for the Supply of Products and Services” of ZVEI in the latest respective version apply, insofar as nothing different is specified below.

The extended warranty applies starting with the date of invoice 01/10/2013 for the following product series:

  • PATROL (sounders and flashing sounders)
  • PYRA (flashing lights)
  • DS (sounders)
  • QUADRO (flashing and LED lights)

The warranty is limited to 10 million flashes for xenon beacons. The extended warranty is voided if changes to the product or repairs have been performed by the customer. Pfannenberg does not cover costs for disassembly or assembly of devices. The 10 year warranty only applies for devices which have been used within the usage parameters and environmental conditions defined by Pfannenberg – in other words only when used as intended. The warranty applies for verifiable material and manufacturing defects. Excluded from the warranty are wear parts such as illuminants, as well as consequential costs of all types.

Pfannenberg voluntarily offers the 10 year warranty and can discontinue the offer at any time without specifying reasons.

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