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DTI Range of Integrated Cooling Units

Pfannenberg’s  DTI 6000 Series allows for European style recessed mounting on enclosure doors and/or side panels on modular
systems. These “click & fit” units reduce installation times by more than 90%.

εCOOL is the most efficient solution

Raising productivity, reducing CO2 emissions and cutting costs – Pfannenberg is aware of the challenges companies are facing today. We offer a solution: εCOOL technology. Developed with the aim of maximum cost efficiency coupled with maximum performance, εCOOL technology represents a new standard for cost and energy savings in the thermal management of electrical enclosures. The result: it enables annual savings of over 35 % in energy costs alone.

Produced out of rugged sheet metal, Pfannenberg’s cooling units are extremely resilient and long-lasting in test industrial operating conditions. Depending on requirements, they are available for traditional mounting on the door or side, for partially recessed door or side mounting and the space-saving top-mounted position. Colors can easily be integrated as well because the covers can be painted or powder coated to suit the particular industrial design.

The εCOOL series also set records in terms of ease of assembly and maintenance – which leads to more cost benefits.

Why Choose Pfannenberg DTI Cooling Units?

Energy Efficient

Energy Saving mode integrated by default into the Multi Controller. Reduced CO2 emissions = environment-friendly

Eliminated Risk of Hot Spots

Large distance between intake and exhaust vents, safe circulation within the electrical enclosure due to long passage of air

Simple Installation

“Click & Fit” patented system which reduce installation times by more that 90%

New Filter Adapter

Optional adapter for multiple use and all filter inserts with patented fluted filter mats which extend the service intervals by 300%.

Integrated Cooling Units Models

DTI 6000C

3000 – 6000 Btu/h
Feature the best energy efficiency in the market when compared against similar product.

DTI 6201-6301

3000 – 6000 Btu/h
Utilize a long internal air path to capture heat above the components and provide cool air below.

DTI 6401-6501

7000 – 11000 Btu/h
Have about 2x greater cooling capactity than the DTI 6202/6301.

DTI 6801

13000 – 16000 Btu/h
Offer the greatest cooling capacity of our DTI Series Recessed Cooling Units.

εCool Cooling Units – The most efficient solution

OEMs know: Looking towards the future, engineering processes will demand new and better uses of technology. Optimization
is needed – with solutions that combine maximum performance, environmental friendliness and maximum cost efficiency.
Pfannenbergs εCOOL technology sets this new standard.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Tool-free spring plate design keeps the unit safely in place and allows mounting by 1 person in less than 3 minutes with 55% lower mounting costs. Direct access to the PCB and the fans means 80% shorter repair times.

Thermal Overload Protection

Compressor and fan motors are outfitted with integral temperature switches to shut down the unit in the event of excessive temperature.

Pressure Overload Protection

High pressure cutout switch ensures safety by shutting off the compressor in the event of excessive pressure appearing in the refrigeration circuit.

Closed Loop Design

Designed to isolate the external ambient air from the internally conditioned air eliminating the risk of contaminants entering the cabinet.

Efficient Circulation

Large distance between intake and exhaust vents for efficient air circulation and elimination of hot spots.

Environmentally Friendly

Utilizes HFC-free R134a refrigerant versus a blended refrigerant for easier service and minimized negative impact to the environment.

Energy Efficient Hibernation Mode

When cooling isn’t necessary due to equipment shutdown or cold weather conditions, the unit conserves energy by turning fans off – except for periodic cycling for circulating air within the enclosure.

Phase Protection

Three-phase 400/460 VAC powered units are protected from phase mis-wiring.

Partially Recessed

For space restricted installations, ideal for door mount.

ERP Efficiency Certified

As a component of the Kyoto Protocol to reduce carbon monoxide emissions, the European Energy Related Products (ERP) Directive includes an efficiency rating for fans. Pfannenberg proudly utilizes components which adhere to these requirements for up to 43% energy savings and operating costs reduction.

Maintenance Free, Filterless Design

The wide fin spacing is less susceptible to clogging from dirt buildup which can cause the unit to work harder and hamper efficiency.

External Display

For visual temperature monitoring.

High Airflow Backward Curve Impeller Fan

Provides high airflow in a long lasting, single bearing design. Outperforms typical two-bearing blowers with nearly twice the lifespan.

Hermetically Sealed Compressor

The absence of any refrigerant fill valves eliminates leak paths. Recharging is never needed. 100% cooling capacity efficiency is ensured.

Active Condensate Management

Condensation is a natural byproduct of refrigeration. The heated condensate collection pan boils this off thereby eliminating the need for drain tubes and buckets. To conserve power, this heater only activates when necessary.