PSS – Pfannenberg Sizing Software

Online step-by-step Product Selection Tool

Pfanneberg’s PSS Software has two different modules, Thermal Management & Signaling Technologies guiding you through the sizing process, step-by-step to calculate the correct product for your application. After completing the form below you will have access to both our Thermal Management and Signaling Technologies sizing software.


Proper thermal management is key for saving resources and keeping electronics (and machinery) up and running on a consistent basis. To provide the best thermal management engineering support in the industry, Pfannenberg has developed a powerful new web-based sizing application containing an easy-to-use interface.

The software can be customized to your applications by allowing you to enter your own components and enclosure styles in the database for easy and fast calculations.The software also accounts for indoor and outdoor applications and assists in calculating heat dissipation within enclosure cabinets.


Our Signaling Technologies module helps you calculate the recommended signaling products. You can choose our SIZING, SELECTION or CONFIGURATION tools within the software.

The SIZING tool helps you select the recommended products based on dimension, the SELECTION tool helps you choose the proper product based on application and the CONFIGURATION tool walks you through configuring a signal tower.

By utilizing the 3D-Coverage concept, properly sized signaling devices are specified to ensure safety to personnel under the ambient conditions present – often leading to the most cost-efficient system in terms of number of units and installation expenses.

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