Service / RMA / Spare Parts Request

All service-related requests must be entered into this form to access a service team member. When the form is submitted, a ticket number will be emailed for future reference and a service representative will contact you within 24 hours.

Any photos, data labels or files can be attached in response to the email received after the form is submitted.

For Spare Parts: Before filling the below form, please check out our Spare Parts page first as it redirects you to a specific spare parts form for your selected spare parts.

Warranty Returns
Products returned for warranty coverage must be within the applicable warranty period. If factory support determines that product replacement is needed, the replacement will be shipped as soon as possible and billed to the customer’s account in accordance with Pfannenberg’s standard payment terms. Once analysis of the return is completed, a credit will be issued if the warranty claim is allowed.

Non-Warranty Returns
If the customer wishes to return a product for repair that is not within the warranty period or for damage not covered by the warranty, Pfannenberg will advise the customer of the estimated cost of the repair. After approval from the customer, Pfannenberg will issue an SRO for the repair and in return, the customer will issue a purchase order to Pfannenberg Inc. for the estimated cost of the repair. The customer is responsible for all transportation, insurance, duties and other similar charges for all returned product for non- warrantyreasons. The customer must ensure that the product is appropriately packaged. Products shipped to Pfannenberg freight collect will be refused.

Transportation Charges
Shipping damages resulting from improper packaging will be the customer’s responsibility. After the repair is completed, Pfannenberg will return the product ground service, freight prepaid for items covered under warranty. For any other shipment method, the customer will pay the difference. For non-warranty repairs, the customer will be responsible for Shipping & Handling. The SRO number must be clearly marked on the outside of the package. Product shipped to Pfannenberg without a valid SRO number, will not be accepted.

The Service Department will contact you within 1 business day of receipt of this request.
Notice: Pfannenberg, Inc. reserves the right to dispose of products which have been submitted to Pfannenberg, Inc. for repair, but which remain unclaimed 30 days after Pfannenberg has sent a 3rd and final notification to the customer that the repair has been completed or that such repair cannot be performed. By requesting an SRO number from Pfannenberg, it is implied that the customer has agreed to the terms of the Pfannenberg SRO Policy.