Pfannenberg USA Launches X-Series Cooling Units

Introducing the X-Series Cooling Units

We are excited to announce our new X-Series cooling units. The innovative X-Series marks a focus in energy efficiency and operational effectiveness for industrial cooling applications.

Designed to meet the demanding needs of modern industries, the X-Series units feature an optimized control algorithm using inverter technology, developed from years of expertise. This allows for the precise adjustment of cooling power required to maintain the temperature within the enclosure. This reduces the start and stop cycle present in other cooling units, significantly reducing energy consumption. The X-Series guarantees very precise temperature control within a tolerance of +/- 0.1 K, preventing risks associated with overheating, thus protecting sensitive electronic components.

Maintaining the Pfannenberg time tested design, the X-series has a large distance between the hot air intake and cold air outlet to prevent short cycling. Using top of the line fans, it provides high airflow to push through densely packed enclosures, preventing hotspots. The X-series units will be available in the standard side or surface mount, where there is no intrusion inside the cabinet, as well as the recessed mount, where the unit is mounted on the enclosure door, ideal when space is limited around the enclosures.

The X-Series includes two models: the 6X1E, covering a power range from 1,000 W to 2,800 W, and the 6X2E, ranging from 2,000 W to 4,500 W. These units are set to deliver superior performance with unparalleled efficiency. Both units offer robust flexibility, equipped with a RS 485 interface and Modbus RTU protocol as standard, ensuring seamless integration into existing systems for real-time monitoring and control.

“The X-Series Cooling Units are Pfannenberg’s latest innovation in industrial cooling technology,” says James Wong, Director of Product Management. “These units provide optimal protections to machines and the environment without compromising total cost of ownership to the end user.”

Additionally, the units are designed for quick and easy mounting using our patented “click & fit” method, enabling rapid deployment and minimizing downtime. Its cut-out compatibility allows easy replacement of existing Pfannenberg units without the need for new cut-outs, facilitating effortless upgrades and integration. This compatibility extends to the UL-certified safety of the X-Series, ensuring it meets global standards for quality and safety. The X-Series aligns with our commitment to innovation and its dedication to providing solutions that enhance efficiency and reliability in industrial applications.

Click here for the X-Series product flyer.