PATROL and PYRA® Range of Flashing Alarm Sounders

Plastic Housing – UL Certified – Type 4/4x – IP 66

Pfannenberg PATROL and PYRA® Industrial alarms meet the requirements of IP rating protection as well as having an impact-proof housing. In addition, the base connection terminals, nondetachable seals and quick locking elements greatly facilitate easy mounting. These combined visual and audible alarms offer extensive certifications including UL, GL and CE in support of worldwide requirements.

They also include a standard 10-Year Warranty, guaranteed to protect man, machine and the environment.

PATROL Flashing Sounders

PATROL Series flashing sounders offer many advantages. Foremost, the unit is designed as an integrated flashing sounder, rather than combining a sounder with bolted-on flashing lights. The lens cover is large, highly visible, and available in a variety of colors. The xenon strobe flash tube contains no filament to break and is secured by a steel clamp to further protect it from abuse. Users can choose from a wide selection of acoustic tones which are electronically self-generated – and since there are no moving parts, the device’s reliability is enhanced for critical applications.

  • Enhanced safety with alarms that are seen and heard
  • Utilize flashing strobes with higher energy/visibility
  • Offer separate control of the audible sounder and visual flashing strobe