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EB 2.0 Series Eco Chillers

Maximum Efficiency with Inverter Technology

Pfannenberg‘s EB 2.0 ECO chillers take advantage of the inverter technology to ensure a direct response to cooling demand. This keeps both energy consumption and operating cost to a minimum, while the range of cooling capacity and durability of the units is increased significantly.

Designed for indoor or outdoor operation, they are perfectly suited for heat dissipation in combination with passive indoor cooling systems (PWS/PWW).

Specifically developed to meet the requirements of today’s industrial applications, the EB 2.0 Eco series offers lower cost operation compared to traditional chillers by using only the necessary power and reducing consumption by up to 65%.

Standard Features:

  • Hot gas by-pass refrigerant circuit
  • Programmable smart controller
  • Internal hydraulic bypass circuit
  • Electrical tank level switch
  • Coolant flow switch
  • Non-ferrous hydraulic circuit
  • Wired remote control on/off ready
  • R410a environmental friendly refrigerant
  • Micro-channel condenser

Why Choose Pfannenberg EB 2.0 Series Eco Chillers?

Energy Efficient

Heavy-duty reciprocating compressors provide high efficiency and long service life. Crankcase heaters are included with all models.

High Cooling Capacity

Axial fans deliver high volume airflow across the condenser for effective dissipation of waste heat while fan cycling provides maximum refrigeration efficiency and energy conservation.

Service Friendliness

Minimum MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) and the shortest time needed to replace units thanks to service-friendly accessibility, standardized parts and a carefully thought out plug-and-play concept minimizing your repair costs and downtime.

Adapted to Any Environment

Large, finned-tube condensers provide a high level of energy efficiency and fouling resistance. Can be installed either inside or outside.

EB 2.0 Eco Chillers Models

EB 65 ECO Chillers

24,570 BTU/hr

EB 95 ECO Chillers

34,466 BTU/hr

EB 140 ECO Chillers

52,894 Btu/h

Outdoor Efficiency with Inverter Technology

Designed for Indoor/Outdoor Applications, the innovative EB 2.0 chiller ensure Maximum Efficiency and Cost Savings compared to Traditional Air
Cooled System.

Indoor/Outdoor Unit

Designed to work in ambient conditions from -4°F to 113°F (-20°C to 45°C). Pfannenberg EB 2.0 Eco Chillers can be used for outdoor applications or to simply remove the heat from your factory: combined with a PWS/PWW heat exchanger, the EB 2.0 Eco Chiller can provide the right cooling in any harsh production environment.

Higher Temperature Precision

Rapid and accurate adjustment of cooling capacity to the actual load leads to a significant higher stability of the medium temperature. (±0,1 K).

Silent Operation

The EC fans ensures the optimum airflow any time avoiding constantly high noise emissions.

Energy Efficiency and Costs Savings

Variable speed technology (compressor and fan) combined with efficient refrigerant R410A ensure a reduced energy consumption. The inverter compressor increases operating flexibility (50-100%) while reducing the electrical consumption by up to 65%.

Maximum Efficiency in Partial-Load Operation

The chiller automatically adapts to your application so you always have the right dimensioning and high efficiency at any workload.

Successful Design

Our product design is based on customized units that have proven their performance in industrial applications all over the world.