Pfannenberg Specialty Signaling Devices

Alarm Safety in any Environment

Pfannenberg offers visual and acoustic signaling devices recognized for their particularly sturdy construction and resistance to environmental influences and chemicals.

These devices are commonly used for alarms, warning and indication conditions. When it comes to industrial safety, Pfannenberg signaling products are an ideal solution for protecting man, machine and the environment.

SIL Signaling

Alarm and Warning Devices to Enhance the Safety of Operating Machinery and Industrial Processes.

Pfannenberg offers audible and visual signaling devices that are specifically designed to meet SIL 1 and SIL 2 requirements. Backed with documented statistical data, self monitoring, and fault reporting, these units eliminate the need for redundant devices.

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Explosive Area Signaling

Robust Notification Appliances for Life-Critical Situations.

Properly designed signaling system is the final link at providing workers with suitable notice from which to take action. With this, there should be no compromise. With Pfannenberg notification products, there won’t be.

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MED Marine Signaling

Marine Approved Sounders and Beacons.

Pfannenberg offers an extensive range of products and solutions designed specifically to meet MED requirements and withstand the rigors of the marine industry.

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