Dust, lint, wood chips or moisture in the atmosphere are undesirable by-products of many production processes. To protect electrical components and switchgear from harmful particulate, Pfannenberg offers different types of filter mats giving you the best possible protection.

  • Highest filter classification G4: filtration of particles smaller than 10 μm.
  • Type 12: High protection against dust and water droplets, high protection against dust and protection against water jets from any angle.

Sensitive electronics deserve the best protection against harmful particulate. The quality of a filter is defined by how many particles of a certain size can pass through the filter medium. This is known as filter class. The highest achievable filter class by coarse dust filters is G4. G4 means that a filter prevents more than 90% of all particles smaller than 10 μm from passing through. At Pfannenberg, G4 is standard for all our filter mats, synthetic fibre and fluted versions.

Pfannenberg Fluted Filtermat

Pfannenberg G4 fluted filter mats meet the highest standards of efficiency and economy. Our innovative folded structure provides a larger filter surface, which allows higher airflow rates and increased resistance to moisture and water jets.

Compared to standard synthetic fiber filter mats, they allow up to a 300% longer service life, saving time and money on maintenance.

The best choice.

Pfannenberg fluted filter mats G4 ++.

Maximum efficiency and economy even under the toughest conditions. Thanks to their patented folded structure, Pfannenberg G4 ++ fluted filter mats offer unique advantages:

  • enlarged filter surface
  • high airflow rate, with extra IP protection
  • up to 3 times longer service life compared to fleece filter mats (saving you time and cost during maintenance)

Overview Competition vs. Pfannenberg filter mats

Filtration classmax. G2–G3G4 ++
Filtration efficiency65–90 %>90 %
Coarse particles (e. g. wood chips)XX
Spray mist (e. g. paints)-X
Very fine particles
(e. g. sawdust, cement)
Longer service life
(up to 3x longer)
*Pfannenberg uses G4 class filter materials in most of its products