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PQF Premium Quick Filter

Original Parts – Only from Pfannenberg

The PQF is a new way to filter out particulates and oily mist from an air inlet on your critical equipment. The magnetic strips allows easy, toolless installation with no interruption to your production time. It is installed on the outside of your equipment making it easy to see when the filter is clogged. Changing the filter is as easy as the installation. It takes less than 5 seconds and requires no training or shutdown procedure. Each PQF roll has 60 tearable, 200mm (8inch) sheets providing enough filter replacement for up to one year. It comes in three different lengths: 200mm (8inch), 300mm (12inch) and 400mm (16inch) and is suitable for a variety of applications and air inlet sizes.

Increases the Life of Your Equipment & Reduces Down Time

  • Provides a simple solution to one of the most common equipment failures – overheating caused by a clogged airflow path.
  • Filters out harmful contaminants including oil mist, preventing clogging of the air-flow path and protecting your critical components from failure.
  • Filters out oil residue from entering the equipment, which can lead to a sticky surface that attracts dust and particulates.
  • No downtime or lockout-tagout procedure to install or replace filter.

Time Saving & Worry-free Solution

  • Externally mounted making it easy to see when the filter is clogged and need to be replaced.
  • Saves time by eliminating multiple trips to the warehouse to cut filter mat to size when changing out a clogged filter.
  • No more messy washing of the filter using harmful chemicals. The clogged filter on the PQF can easily be torn off and disposed of.
  • Studies show up to 30% savings on time and labor for maintenance of equipment.
  • Suitable for use on any air-inlet opening on any type of equipment.

Quick, Easy Installation & Filter Replacement

  • No drilling, tapping or gluing needed for installation.
  • Comes in a variety of lengths to fit all air-inlet sizes and applications.
  • The magnetic installation allows the filter to be installed vertically, horizontally or in any other position to fit around your equipment.
  • Install and change filter in three easy steps:
  • Installation: Attach – Pull – Secure
  • Change out: Pull – Tear – Secure
  • It takes no more than 5 seconds to install and change-out the filter.

PQF Premium Quick Filter

Any Air Inlet*PQF 200200 mm width / 8"18881500018
Any Air Inlet*PQF 300300 mm width / 12"18881500019
Any Air Inlet*PQF 400400 mm width / 16"18881500020
* The Premium Quick Filter (PQF) uses magnets to attach and can be used on any magnetic surface.
For pre-filtering PQF does not provide IP or NEMA Type Rating.

Other Accessories

Washable Aluminum Filters

FILTER KIT DTS 3021/3031/3031 SS***Aluminium Mesh18881500008
FILTER KIT DTS 3041/3061Aluminium Mesh18881500005
FILTER KIT DTS 31X1Aluminium Mesh18881500009
FILTER KIT DTS 31X1 SL & 31X5 Before S1527...***Aluminium Mesh18881500006
FILTER KIT DTS 31X1 SL / 31X5 After S1527...***Aluminium Mesh18380000025
FILTER KIT DTS 32X1Aluminium Mesh 18881500001
FILTER KIT DTS 32X5***Aluminium Mesh 18881500007
FILTER KIT DTS 34X1/34X1C/36X1C, DTS/I 6000 Series, DTT 6000 Series**Aluminium Mesh 18300000149
FILTER KIT DTS 36X1Aluminium Mesh 18881500004
FILTER KIT PKS 313X, 320X, 330X, 336XAluminium Mesh 18881500003
** Requires the housing from PN 18881500010 to utilize filter.
*** Can be mounted externally with a mounting bracket.

Standard Filter Mats

DTS 34x1/34x1C/36x1C, DTS/I 6000 series, and DTT 6000 Series** Filter Mat18300000147
DTS 3041/3061 Filter Mat18611600006
**Requires the housing from PN 18881500010 to utilize filter

External Filter Bracket

DTS 3021/31/31 SS External Filter kit DTS3021/31 18881500015
DTS 3141 SL*** External Filter kit DTS 3141 SL 18881500017
DTS 3145*** External Filter kit DTS 3145 18881500016
DTS 3245*** External Filter kit DTS 3245 18881500014
DTS 34x1/34x1C/36x1C, DTS/I 6000 series, and DTT 6000 Series** DTS/DTI & DTT Filter Kit 18881500010
**Requires the housing from PN 18881500010 to utilize filter.
***Can be mounted externally with a mounting bracket.

Condensate Bottle

External container for collecting the accumulating condensed water

All units18314000100

External Condensate Evaporation System KV-PTC

External condensate evaporator for the accumulated condensed water

115-230 V 50 / 60 Hz18314000001