PYRA® Range of Flashing Strobe Lights

Flashing beacons utilize glass tubes filled with xenon gas to produce a bright flash of light when energized. The technology is also used for strobe lights and flash photography.

A typical flash rate is once per second – but this can vary by device. Units with multiple flash capability offer a variety of flash sequences and rates.

Flashing beacons offer the highest degree of signaling effect and are widely used for evacuation alarms for fires, toxic gas leaks, and chemical spills; as well as for warning of moving machinery and structures such as lifting equipment, service vehicles, safety barriers, gates, and doors.

PYRA® Flashing Strobe Lights – the versatile visual
alarm that installs anywhere:

  • Visible field of 180° x 360°
  • Surface or flush/panel installation
  • Mounts atop metal conduit with standard 1/2 NPT compression fitting
  • Available in a variety of housing and lens colors