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Side Mount Cooling Units

DTS Range of Side Mount Cooling Units

Utilize closed loop cooling in tough industrial or outdoor applications with Pfannenberg’s ‘service-friendly’ cooling units. Whether in washdown locations or control rooms, the DTS Series’ key internal electronics are positioned away from potentially moist and/or caustic air in tough industrial applications. The wide condenser fin spacing allows for filterless and maintenance-free operation. The stainless steel units have an epoxy coating on all exposed copper tubing to compliment the electrostatically-coated condensers. The fans are conformal coated, backward curve impellers that have a standard life of 55,000+ hours, providing the longest life and best air flow in their class.

Advantages of the DTS Series Cooling Units:

  • Active condensate management utilizes a PTC heater which eliminates the need for drain line.
  • NEMA Type 4/4X 304 Stainless Steel with #3 polish to repel contaminants in food grade applications and to provide for easy washdown.
  • High Temperature models can operate in ambient temperatures up to 140° F (60° C), ideal near industrial ovens or baking lines.
  • Optional cover to protect fan if used in washdown or in high dust/debris areas.

Why Choose Pfannenberg DTS Cooling Units?

Time Saving

Tool-free patented mounting design allows for quick and efficient assembly that considerably reduces installation costs.

Large Fin Spacing

Large condenser fin spacing allow for longer maintenance periods, even without an additional Nano coating.

Simple Installation

World largest possible cut-out compatibility providing unit replacement with the least possible installation work thanks to intelligent mounting systems.

Condensate Evaporate System

Cooling mode starts automatically upon exceeding the required cabinet temperature. The condensate evaporator only activates when necessary for maximum energy savings.

DTS 3000 Series Models

DTS 3021/31/31 SS

900 – 1300 Btu/h
Compact size ideal for small enclosures and for the cooling of hot spots in larger control cabinets

DTS 30X1

2000 – 3000 Btu/h
Ideal for small enclosures and particularly suited for the food industry and outdoor applications.

DTS 31X1

3000 – 4000 Btu/h
Utilize a long internal air path to capture heat above the components and provide cool air below


3000 – 5000 Btu/h
Designed to fit shallow enclosures vs 31X1 standard model

DTS 31X5

5000 – 7000 Btu/h
Particularly suited for compact enclosures and a wide variety of applications

DTS 32X1

7000 – 8500 Btu/h
Utilize a long internal air path to capture heat above the components and provide cool air below

DTS 32X5

10000 – 13000 Btu/h
One of our most popular and versatile cooling units


DTS 34x1-36x1C_group
15000 – 21000 Btu/h
Ideal for high heat loads, especially high horsepower drive enclosures


DTS 34x1-36x1C_group
21000 – 29000 Btu/h
Have the largest capacity at almost 2 Tons. Ideally suited for high ambient environments

Thermal Protection for Critical Electronics

Utilize closed loop cooling in tough industrial or outdoor applications with Pfannenberg’s ‘service-friendly’ cooling units.

Easy Access Control Panel

Electrical controls are easily accessible with the flip down access panel.

New Narrower Design

Compact design delivers high cooling capacity to enclosures as small as 12 inches (300mm) in width.

Rugged Design

Powder coated steel or stainless steel cover designed for manufacturing environments. Easily painted to match enclosure or machine.

Maintenance Free, Filterless Design

The wide fin spacing is less susceptible to clogging from dirt buildup which can cause the unit to work harder and hamper efficiency.

Pluggable Power Connection

Easily made without opening the chassis.

ERP Efficiency Certified

As a component of the Kyoto Protocol to reduce carbon monoxide emissions, the European Energy Related Products (ERP) Directive includes an efficiency rating for fans. Pfannenberg proudly utilizes components which adhere to these requirements.

Environmentally Friendly

Utilizes HFC-free R134a refrigerant versus a blended refrigerant for easier service and minimized negative impact to the environment.

Phase Protection

Three-phase 400/460 VAC powered units are protected from phase mis-wiring.

High Ambient Performance

The DTS 3000 Series Cooling Units were designed utilizing high temperature compressors and larger condensers. Both the indoor NEMA Type 12 units and outdoor units perform very well in environments that require cooling where the maximum ambient temperature is 131° F. High ambient options are also available to 140° F.

Thermal Overload Protection

Compressor and fan motors are outfitted with integral temperature switches to shut down the unit in the event of excessive temperature. This increases the operating life of the compressor by preventing thermal overload trips.

High Airflow Backward Curve Impeller Fan

Provides high airflow in a long lasting, single bearing design. Outperforms typical two-bearing blowers with nearly twice the lifespan.

Pressure Overload Protection

High pressure cutout switch ensures safety by shutting off the compressor in the event of excessive pressure appearing in the refrigeration circuit.

Corrosion Protection

Outdoor and washdown units have a special coating on pipes and coils on the ambient side of the unit to provide maximum protection from saltwater, sour gas, and other corrosive substances.

Thermal Expansion Valve

Regulates the flow of refrigerant based on thermal demand for efficient performance over the entire operating temperature range.

Active Condensate Management

Condensation is a natural by-product of refrigeration. The heated condensate collection pan boils this off thereby eliminating the need for drain tubes and buckets. To conserve power, this heater only activates when necessary.

Self Protected from Harsh Environments

Our unit is uniquely designed to protect itself in NEMA 3R, 4, and 4X environments. An example of this is the location of our control electronics within our dry, cool interior circuit.

Lifting Lug Ports

Threaded holes accommodate the installation of lifting lugs to facilitate safe installation.