SIL Signaling

Alarm and Warning Devices to Enhance the Safety of Operating Machinery and Industrial Processes

Purpose: SIL or Safety Integrity Level is the target statistical representation of the reliability of a Safety Instrumented System (SIS). In order to achieve the target SIL rating, all components of the SIS must realize the target SIL. To support the safety goals of machinery and processes that strive to comply with SIL, all risks must be adequately mitigated. Even after all possible design criteria and complementary safety barriers are considered, a risk gap may still remain for many circumstances.

In such situations, a signaling solution will help narrow the risk gap. Pfannenberg offers audible and visual signaling devices that are specifically designed to meet SIL 1 and SIL 2 requirements. Backed with documented statistical data, self monitoring, and fault reporting, these units eliminate the need for redundant devices.

Typical SIL Applications

Muting Alarm:

Situations where safety barriers or other mechanisms are temporarily disengaged or “muted”, often for setup, maintenance, or startup.

Machinery Start-up Alarm:

Especially for large machines such as paper making machines and textile machines, or hazardous operating equipment such as laser cutting tools.

High Voltages:

Situations where personnel may be vulnerable to contact with dangerous electrical apparatus, such as an electric arc furnace or plasma cutter.

Chemical Vapor Recovery Systems: 

Situations where gas and vapor collection devices or ventilation systems fail, thereby posing danger to personnel.

Temperature and Pressure Control:

Situations where controlled processes fail or exceed normal operating parameters and pose a safety risk.

Natural Gas Pipeline, Supply, and Transport Systems:

Situations where there is risk of tank or pipeline rupture.

Mechanical or Process Failure Alarm:

Trouble with machinery operation, jammed feed-stock mechanisms, failed operator safety guards, inoperable overfill shut-off, ruptures & leaks, and problems with other plant-wide controlled processes.

Toxic, Combustible, or Hazardous Gas Leaks and Chemical Spills:

Evacuation alarm systems for electrochemical plants, oil refineries, pharmaceuticals production, and chemical production facilities.

Our SIL Certified visual and audible devices