PF Series Filterfans 4.0™

Trust in the Original

With our flow optimized fins and rotor blades, the Filterfan 4.0™ reaches a particularly high airflow and at the same time provide an IP 55, Type 12 system of protection. The flat-profile, uni-colored design complements modern machines and plants.

Pfannenberg’s patented click mechanism on our Filterfans 4.0™ have a unique patented 4-corner fastening system enabling safe and quick, tool-free installation allowing the filter medium to be replaced in  seconds.

The fluted filter mat’s folded structure provides an unrivaled airflow guaranteeing Nema Type 12 protection, while also extending the filters lifetime 300% longer than conventional filter.

All in all, our Filterfans 4.0™ contain 11 field-proven patented features.