PTF1200 Top Mount Filterfan

Pfannenberg USA Introduces the PTF 1200 High CFM Top Mount Filterfan®

PTF 1200 Intro Graphic

We are proud to introduce our new PTF 1200, an industry leading high CFM top mount filter fan designed to redefine cooling solutions for various industries. This compact yet powerful innovation boasts an unimpeded airflow rate of up to 589 CFM, making it a game-changer in the realm of cooling solutions.

The PTF 1200’s exceptionally high heat removal capacity is matched by its durability, featuring a robust full metal housing enclosure that ensures longevity, even in challenging environments. With a protection class of IP 54/NEMA 12, this top-mounted filter fan guarantees effective protection against dust, dirt, and moisture, maintaining optimal performance under diverse conditions.

One of the standout features of the PTF 1200 is its energy-efficient EC centrifugal fan, delivering optimum airflow and uniform temperature distribution. Its energy-efficient centrifugal fan translates to low power consumption, contributing to sustainability efforts.PTF1200 Top Mount Filterfan

The PTF 1200’s long service life is due to its EC fan, which provides a soft start and stop, reducing wear and tear on vital parts. The result is an impressive 70,000-hour average lifetime which is also complemented by the ease of filter changes, reducing maintenance costs and downtime. Filter replacements don’t require skilled labor and are quick, ensuring minimal downtime during servicing and making it an ideal choice for maintenance managers seeking efficiency.

The convenience of the unit is further elevated by its compact size, saving valuable space without compromising on cooling efficiency. Unlike traditional top mounts that often require expensive palletized shipping, the PTF 1200 ships in an easily transportable cardboard box, directly to your door, minimizing costs and delivery times.

Designed with the end-user in mind, the PTF 1200 comes with 4 mounting through holes in the cabinet. This eliminates the need for advanced cut-outs during installation, providing easy mounting options and allowing users to achieve a quick install.

The introduction of the PTF 1200 unlocks a new configuration of filter fans for the market, addressing the unique needs of purchasing agents, electrical engineers, project managers, and maintenance managers. This top-mounted filter fan offers a higher airflow rate than side mounts, ensuring efficient heat removal and surpassing competitors with its airflow range.  The industry leading airflow allows for the possibility of using a passive system in lieu of a small air conditioner, yielding substantial energy savings and reducing costs. Its ease of installation and cost-effective shipping make it an attractive solution for professionals seeking high-performance cooling solutions.


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