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M12 Connected Signaling

M12 connection technology is a widely accepted industry standard that provides a quick and easy way to integrate audible and visual alarms into your systems and applications with the plug and play technology.

Pfannenberg offers a wide range of M12 configured signaling devices including audible, visual and combined devices in all performance classes through our PYRA, PATROL, and INTENSE STACKLIGHT series.

Advantages of M12 Connection Technology:

  • Plug and Play – simply plug in your M12 cord set to use.
  • No electrician needed to wire the device.  Connection and DIP switches are already made.
  • Increased plant and machine safety with elimination of connection and wiring errors.
  • No need to interrupt circuits during maintenance, conversion, or replacement of devices – saving time and money.
  • Devices are pre-assembled – you simply mount the unit to your machine and plug in your M12 wire connection.

M12 Connected Signaling Product Features:

  • All PATROL & PYRA series lights use 4-Pin M12 connection. See diagram below.
  • All Intense BR50 series lights use 8-Pin M12 connection. See diagram below.
  • M12 is only used with low voltage DC power.
  • Audible devices offer 4 tones – with 80 tones to choose from
  • Combination units offer multiple tones/colors/frequency modes.

M12 Pin Connections

For Intense BR50 Stacklights

For PYRA and PATROL Series

Typical M12 Connected Signaling Applications

Laser Cutting Machines:

Used for precision cutting, etching, or engraving.  Indication lights notify the operator if the machine is running or may need attention.  M12 connected signaling devices allow for quick, robust and accurate connections in a standardized format.

Industrial Robots:

Used to automate intensive or repetitive production tasks to ensure employee safety and it is important to have visual or audible signaling to notify staff of the status of the robots’s operation for both safety and operational performance requirements.  M12 allows for quick, robust and accurate connections.

Modular Manufacturing Systems:

Flexible, sub-processes that include mechnical and automation components. These modules can be easily integrated or interchanged, allowing for flexibility, scalability, and efficient assembly processes..  M12 connectors allow for quick, easy changes and updates by plant engineering.

CNC Machines: 

Pre-programmed, software used to control a wide range of complex machinery that requires indication alarming to notify staff of current state activities.  M12 provides quick connection without the need for rewiring.

Pfannenberg M12 Connected Signaling Devices

DESCRIPTIONPart #Link to Master Product
PATROL PA 1, RAL 7035 Sounder with M12 Connection23310630101

PA1 Series Sounders Product Info

PATROL PA 5, RAL 7035 Sounder with M12 Connection23350630101

PA5 Series Sounders Product Info

PYRA PY L-S RGB, RAL 7035 Light with M12 Connection21513818101

PY L-S RGB Product Info

PYRA PY L-M RGB, RAL 7035 Light with M12 Connection21553818101

PY L-M RGB Product Info

PYRA PY L-MA RGB with Sounder, RAL 7035 Light with M12 Connection21556818101

PY L-MA RGB Product Info

M12 Stacklight AccessoriesSee Stacklight Table

M12 Stacklight Components

Series DS 5-SIL and DS 10-SIL
Sounder in Cast Aluminum Housing – 31 tones, 4 stages, 108/114 dB (A)

Series PMF 2015 SIL
Flashing Xenon Strobe Beacon

Series Quadro F12-SIL
Flashing Xenon Strobe Beacon in strong, polycarbonate construction