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Remarkably Bright!
Pfannenberg’s New BR50 Stacklight™ / Tower Lights are designed for the modern manufacturing workspace where brighter more intense visual signaling devices are a necessity.
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New INTENSE BR50 Tower light / Stacklight™

Increased luminosity of up to 10,000% makes this new intense Tower light / Stacklight™ hard to ignore.

As ambient light levels rise on manufacturing floors around the globe, Pfannenberg’s brightest Tower light / Stacklight™ becomes a necessity. Impossible to ignore, our new stacklight exponentially outshine our previous LEDs by 10,000%. Now your operators and managers have a more visible indication of status. And when combined with a sounder module—a distinctive audible warning as well.

The easy-to-assemble component architecture supports up to five interchangeable modules.Select from intense LEDs and filament bulbs for continuous or blinking operation as well as hi-visibility flashing xenon tubes. Whether you install the brightest Tower Light / Stacklight™ on cabinets, machinery frames or junction boxes you’ll find a matrix of mounting options that will add to the safety, productivity, and style for your facility.

Mounting options include direct-to-base, tube-and-bracket, and tube-and-stand (plinth). An optional wall-mount bracket creates a clean look.

New INTENSE BR50 Tower Light / Stacklight™ Features:

  • Modular design with sturdy housing for all indoor and outdoor applications in tough conditions.
  • High protection system IP 54 (optionally IP 65).
  • Monitored module for greater safety; the light bulb has two separate LED strands. If one strand fails, the alarm contact is activated and the second strand continues to light.
  • Shock and Vibration Tolerant (LED or Xenon)
  • UL Listed

BR 50 Series Technical Specifications

Green, Red
Green, Yellow, Red
Green, Red, Blue

New INTENSE BR 50 Tower Light / Stacklight

The Rugged Choice for Industrial Machinery Status Indication

Pre-assembled or Build Your Own

Choose between fully assembled units or customize your stacklight.

Ultra Bright

The same design but 10,000% brighter.*

Signaling Mode Determinable by LED

Replaceable LEDs determine the signaling mode (continuous or blinking light). Standard modules are already equipped with continuous LED lights.

IP 54 / IP 65 Enclosure Rating

Standard indoor version is easily upgraded for use in outdoor applications and wash-down requirements with optional o-rings.

Simple Custom Configurations

Up to 5 modules can be stacked with 6 different lens colors. In addition to various LED light modules, Xenon flashing light modules or an audible module can also be installed. Configuration can be changed to suit new requirements.

Versatile Mounting Option

Tubular stand or bracket with various tube lengths, or direct to enclosure.

Easy Assembly

Modular design and “twist and lock” motion permits quick and easy configuration and assembly.

Safety Feature: Network Connection

Easy integration into an AS-Interface bus system is possible with a separate module.

Self-Monitoring Module

Integrated functional fault monitoring with redundant LED array and dry contact relay supports automatic switchover to secondary LEDs and remote fault notification.

AS-I BUS Module

Simple integration to the AS-i Interface BUS System for up to 4 stages or 62 master/slave connections.

Stable Structure

Mechanical and electronic components are uncoupled, resulting in a more stable structure that is less sensitive to vibration.