Pfannenberg USA Launches X-Series Cooling Units

We are excited to announce our new X-Series cooling units. The innovative X-Series marks a focus in energy efficiency and operational effectiveness for industrial cooling applications. Designed to meet the demanding needs of modern industries, the X-Series units feature an optimized control algorithm using inverter technology, developed from years of expertise. This allows for the […]

Fire Alarm SIgnaling Solutions - Pfannenberg NFPA

Find Pfannenberg’s Industrial Fire Alarm Signaling Solutions at 2024 NFPA Conference & Expo

  Pfannenberg to Showcase Industrial Fire Alarm Signaling Solutions at 2024 NFPA Conference & Expo   Meet Us at Booth #2220 to learn more about our solutions   Pfannenberg will present innovative fire alarming solutions tailored specifically for industrial applications at the upcoming 2024 NFPA Conference & Expo, scheduled from June 17 to 19 at the […]

PA L 1-R image on a panel

Pfannenberg USA Announces Launch of PA1-R and PA L1-R Signaling Solutions

We are proud to launch the PA1-R and PA L1-R, the ultimate signaling solutions for light duty applications. These products deliver high performance in an economical package, ensuring a safe and reliable signaling solution for audible (PA1-R) and combined audible, visual (PA L1-R) needs. The PA 1-R and the PA L1-R are the go-to choice […]

PTF1200 Top Mount Filterfan

Pfannenberg USA Introduces the PTF 1200 High CFM Top Mount Filterfan®

We are proud to introduce our new PTF 1200, an industry leading high CFM top mount filter fan designed to redefine cooling solutions for various industries. This compact yet powerful innovation boasts an unimpeded airflow rate of up to 589 CFM, making it a game-changer in the realm of cooling solutions. The PTF 1200’s exceptionally […]

Air to Water Heat Exchangers

Closed Loop Cooling for Electrical Enclosures in Commercial Bakeries

Solutions to Reduce Maintenance & Repair Costs   Electrical Enclosures and Enclosure Air Conditioners Electrical enclosures and enclosure air conditioners often fall victim to flour damage in the make-up area of commercial bakeries. The “make-up area” is where dough is prepared by combining flour, moisture, and heat. When flour becomes wet due to ambient humidity […]

Air to Water Heat Exchangers

Thermal Management Solution for Large Commercial Bakery

Supermarkets strive to craft fresh and unique baked goods to bolster their brands. Any downtime in the baking process can turn away customers at the door. One of the largest commercial bakeries for supermarkets, which supplies 19 US states and parts of Canada, had repeated failures in its electric enclosures’ air conditioners, which were breaking […]