Green Series Product Image

Pfannenberg USA Unveils Green Series DTI 6000 Cooling Units

We are excited to announce our new Green Series DTI 6000 Cooling Units. These cooling solutions represent a transformative leap in enclosure cooling technology, protecting vulnerable electronics while protecting the environment. By employing a closed-loop design, these units effectively seal out ambient air, ensuring the recirculation of clean, cool air throughout the enclosure. This innovative […]

Signaling horn with LED lights wireless

A Look at Signaling Industry Trends

Wireless and LED Technology Offers Flexibility and Reliability By Jake Vernon, Pfannenberg USA, Inc. Emergency notification systems are critical to plant safety, but can be unwieldy and costly. A number of variables impact the implementation of an effective signaling system including the size of the facility, the types of alerts needed, budget constraints, and the […]

Outdoor Filterfan

Selecting a Filter Fan for Outdoor Applications

  What are filter fans? Filter fans protect electrical enclosures from external environmental damage. From heat control to mitigating the ingress of liquid and solid objects, filter fans provide another layer of protection for the electrical equipment housed within enclosures. Filter fans protect critical equipment by reducing thermal load and filtering out airborne particles larger than […]

Premium Quick Filter, PQF, for Easy Filter Maintenance

Our PQF Premium Quick Filter is ideal for managing particulates and oily mist on critical equipment. Typical internal metal filter systems require equipment downtime to clean and maintain. The PQF Filter affixes externally, acting as a first line of defense for critical equipment and eliminating the need for maintenance downtime. Oily and dusty buildup is […]

Partnership+GMN Partnership

Pfannenberg Announces Partnership with GMN USA

Liquid Cooling solutions to be sold alongside spindle motors for streamlined experience We are excited to announce a partnership with GMN USA, a supplier of machine tool spindles, drives, lubricators, and cord sets.  This collaboration will supply GMN USA with Pfannenberg’s chillers, a liquid cooling solution that will be sold as a companion product alongside […]

Why is a Thermal Mangement Plan for Enclosures Important?

Thermal Management Plan for Electrical Enclosures  Manufacturing facilities have many electrical enclosures housing hundreds of thousands of dollars in high performance drives and electronics that are critical to production processes.  These critical electrical components generate a significant amount of heat and if not managed properly the high heat leads to premature aging and eventually failure, […]