Pfannenberg Heaters

Low temperatures and high humidity are the biggest dangers for electrical enclosures. Pfannenberg heaters prevent condensate build up and therefore protect against corrosion.

The PFH-T Fan Heaters with Thermostat are designed to protect electronics from the effects of low temperatures such as corrosion, freezing or condensation, which can damage critical components within a control enclosure.

The PRH-M Mini Radiant Heaters are ideal for small outdoor enclosures, preventing condensate formation.

The FLH Heaters are ideal for use in larger electrical enclosures. They have an integrated fan that assists the natural convection and provides fast and even distribution of the heat in the electrical enclosure. The fan heaters are used in combination with a thermostat or hygrostat, for the avoidance of excessively low temperatures or excessively high humidity in the electrical enclosure and also help to avoid the formation of corrosion.