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Top Mount Cooling Units

DTT Range of Top Mounted Cooling Units

Pfannenberg’s DTT Series top mounted cooling units are 100% condensate safe. These units are ideal for space-saving installation on the top of the control cabinet.

One of the main features of the DTT’s innovative condensate management design is the repositioning of the cooling circuits. Moving the cold area up prevents condensation from forming in the cabinet where the cooling unit meets the enclosure. A widened airflow in the evaporator stops the formation of condensate buildup.

Finally return air channels are engineered to increase the speed of the air leaving the cooling unit, ensuring cool air is effectively distributed moisture-free within the enclosure.

Why Choose Pfannenberg Top-Mounted Cooling Units

Condensate Build-Up

The warm air is spread out over a large evaporator. The reduced air speed at the evaporator reduces the risk of water being carried through the air, guaranteeing a condensate-free airflow in the direction of the electrical enclosure.

No Condensate Overflow

The positioning of the evaporator in the top part of the cooling unit allows for problem free drainage of the condensate water without contact to the electrical enclosure.

Cold Bridge

The position of the air-conditioning circuits was changed. When the cold area of the cooling unit is at the top and the warm area is at the bottom, a “cold bridge” cannot form on the inside ceiling eliminating the risk of condensate dripping inside the electrical enclosure.

Air Hoses

Integrated nozzles instead of air hoses. Air outlet nozzles are positioned on both sides of the cooling unit which accelerate the cold air and conduct it condensate-free down to the bottom of the electrical enclosure.

Top Mount Cooling Units Models

DTT 6101

1200 – 2000 Btu/h

DTT 6201

2500 – 4000 Btu/h

DTT 6301

4000 – 5500 Btu/h

DTT 6401

5500 – 7000 Btu/h

DTT 6601

7000 – 10000 Btu/h

DTT 6801

12000 – 14000 Btu/h

Unique Protection through our Innovative, Patented Condensate Management System

Pfannenberg Top-Mounted Cooling Units can be safely installed above critical components with peace of mind. After years of intensive research and development, Pfannenberg has effectively eliminated the past hazards of standard top mount cooling units.

Active Condensate Management

Condensate evaporator uses heat to eliminate condensate even when the system is not actively cooling.

Energy Efficient

Our optional multi controller connected to a sensor, automatically turns off the fan when it is not needed.

Durable and Reliable Components

High quality compressor, fans and heat exchangers provide dependable cooling of electrical enclosure components. The micro-channel design provides a condenser coil that is harder to damage. Fin combing is not necessary to maintain proper airflow channels.

Ultra Efficient Design

Our micro-channel design provides greater efficiency. With up to 40% increased heat rejection vs. standard condensers, improving the transfer of heat from the refrigerant into the ambient air.

Fast and Easy Maintenance

Removable cover allows for easy access to the front facing control components. In addition the micro-channel condenser design allows for an air path that clogs less and is significantly easier to clean during general maintenance.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Have a dirty environment? Use our optional tool-free quick release filter mat mounting frame and a standard Pfannenberg filter to extend the life of the unit and reduce maintenance costs.