PFA/PTFA Series Exhaust Filters & Top Mounted Exhaust Filters

Pfannenberg PFA Exhaust Filters and PFTA Top Mounted Exhaust Filters are used in combination with Filterfans® to remove the heat from an enclosure. If If the ambient temperature is always lower than the temperature required in the electrical enclosure, then this method represent an economical solution for thermal management of electrical enclosures.

Exhaust Filters  can be also used alone for Natural Convection, when the amount of heat being removed from your enclosure is minimal. This method usually provides less of a cooling effect than is necessary with today’s components.

Key features are:

  • snap fastener developed and patented by Pfannenberg
  • door mounting without screws in accordance with VDE 0113 (EN 60204)
  • simple filter mat exchange during operation
  • with integrated foam seal to enclosure
  • available in system protection IP54, TYPE 12 and TYPE 3R

Did you know?

Installing a standard intake Filterfan® lower than the exhaust filter is the most efficient method for removing heat from an enclosure.

There are times when the placement of internal electronics prevents this type of installation. You can flip the fan in the field or you can order reverse flow Filterfans® that exhausts air from the upper portion of the enclosure.

This process creates a partial vacuum allowing air to be drawn in through a PFA Exhaust Filter maintaining the same system airflow.

PFA Series Indoor Exhaust Filters