After-Sales Services

Proper maintenance promotes Reliability and Longevity

Preventative Maintenance

Pfannenberg's products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards - resulting in longer running times, even under extreme operating and environmental conditions. Service contracts are available to further ensure optimal performance of our products and to prevent expensive, unscheduled downtime. Regular maintenance, even once or twice per year, significantly reduces the probability of failure and increases machine reliability.
Our technicians have been trained on original products and know them thoroughly. They come to your factory with ready access to the latest measuring and control software. Our technician can also help you to optimize your factory and processes with equipment cleaning, inspection and other maintenance measures. 

On-site Repairs & Replacement

On-site repairs and replacement

Our service technicians provide support for:

  • Pfannenberg offers proactive repair and replacement consultancy for both our own products and our competitors
  • Pfannenberg can manage and optimize any service or maintenance budget to help customers reduce unplanned downtime or machinery
  • Spare part crib programs & rebuild programs can be designed by Pfannenberg to fit your needs


Installation Support and Commissioning

Pfannenberg offers worldwide professional installation services,  commissioning and start-up services to ensure that new systems get off to a good start avoiding improper installation and/or set-up issues that can cause machine failure or loss of production, especially for chilled water systems. We offer professional commissioning of your cooling systems anywhere in the world.
Installation support and commissioning

Our service technicians provide support for:

  • The conversion, expansion or relocation of your existing cooling solution
  • Professional installation and validation of application
  • Commissioning of new devices in your manufacturing facilities
  • On-site training for customer's maintenance staff



Training Courses

In order for your employees to develop a better understanding of air conditioning technology, we also offer training courses. This allows your employees to recognize problems faster and to make the correct decisions for the repair and resumption of production with greater reliability. The result is more economical and trouble-free operation of the systems. These training courses can be held at Pfannenberg, or at your location.

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