The DTT εCOOL Series Cooling Units

For Top-Mounted Applications

Pfannenberg's DTT Series top mounted cooling units are 100% condensate safe. These units are ideal for space-saving installation on the top of the control cabinet. 

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  • Zero Sweat Guarantee: Condensate will not form in the cabinet where the cooling unit meets the enclosure.
  • Managed Water Droplet Control: As the airflow passes trough the evaporator, any condensate generated on the evaporator will not be carried into the enclosure.
  • Eliminate the need for Duct Work: Return air channels are engineered to increase the speed on the air leaving the cooling unit, ensuring cool air is effectively distributed moisture-free within the enclosure.
  • One Piece Leak-Proof Molded Tub: Industry's only seamless molded condensate tray located at the top of the unit eliminated the ability for water to drip into the cabinet.


DTT - Guaranteed 4-fold condensate protection:

Cold Bridge      

The Challenge

Cold_Bridge_1The lower, cold area of the cooling unit has direct contact with the ceiling of the warm electrical enclosure. As a result,condensate can form on the inside ceiling of the electrical enclosure and drip into the inside.

The Pfannenberg Solution

Cold_Bridge_2The position of the air-conditioning circuits was changed. When the cold area of the cooling unit is at the top and the warm area is at the bottom, a "cold bridge" cannot form on the inside ceiling eliminating the risk of condensate dripping inside the electrical enclosure.


Overflow of condensate      

The Challenge

Condensate_Overflow_1The horizontal condensate discharge which runs along the unit's floor makes the condensate drainage more difficult. Part of the condensate water that has accumulated in the cooling unit can overflow into the electrical enclosure via the air outlet opening.

The Pfannenberg Solution

Condensate_Overflow_2Vertical drainage of the condensate. The positioning of the evaporator in the top part of the cooling unit allows for problem-free drainage of the condensate water without contact to the electrical enclosure.


Condensate Build-up      

The Challenge

Condensate_Buildup_1Concentrated warm air hits the evaporator. Parts of the condensate water formed there can be carried away by the airflow and can get into the electrical enclosure with the cold air.

The Pfannenberg Solution

Condensate_Buildup_2The warm air is spread out over a large evaporator. The reduced air speed at the evaporator reduces the risk of water being carried through the air, guaranteeing a condensate-free airflow in the direction of the electrical enclosure.


Air Hoses      

The Challenge

Air_Hoses_1The hoses conducting the cold air are surrounded by warm air from the electrical enclosure. As a result, condensate can form on the surface of the hose.

The Pfannenberg Solution

Air_Hoses_2Integrated nozzles instead of air hoses. Air outlet nozzles are positioned on both sides of the cooling unit which accelerate the cold air and conduct it condensate-free down to the bottom of the electrical enclosure.


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