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Pfannenberg provides custom enclosure cooling solution for one of the fastest growing independent, family-owned wholesale bakers in America.


Flour is one of the paramount enemies of electrical enclosures and enclosure air conditioners, particularly in the make-up area of a commercial bakery. 

This dough preparation area is the area within a commercial bakery that contains the greatest combination of flour, moisture, and heat. When the flour becomes wet (due to the ambient humidity levels) it forms a paste-like consistency. It is this build-up of flour and paste within the air conditioner that leads to reduced performance and failure. Without this proper cooling there is added stress and risk of failure for the variable frequency drives (VFDs) and enclosure electronics, leading to costly repairs and downtime.

For over 100 years, the Schwebel Baking Company has been one of the fastest growing independent, family owned baking manufacturers in the United States. This family run business was founded by Joseph and Dora Schwebel and their family bread recipe. The Schwebel's began baking bread in their home kitchen. Known for a fresh, outstanding taste, and superior quality bread, the reputation of their bread flourished. 

The Schwebel Baking Company has maintained competitive advantage by implementing new trends in the marketplace. The organization continues to instill pride in their product; meeting the nutritional and flavor requirements of customers they serve. 

Today Schwebel's produces more than 700,000 loaves of various breads at their 4 baking facilities and 30 distribution centers in New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Schwebel's provides various branded breads to retail and foodservice customers.

Schwebel's mission for distinction has continued throughout the years as a result of the Schwebel family's high standards and individual responsiveness to every product and customer account. Schwebel's sought out Pfannenberg in assistance of solving problems and optimizing their resources. 

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