Pfannenberg Signaling Devices Help Protect the World Largest Cruise Ship

Photo source: Royal Carribean Press Center

‘Harmony of the Seas’, the World Largest Cruise Ship ordered by Royal Carribbean and constructed by STX France is finally ready to host its first passengers, after 36 months construction. As the only MED Certified Signaling Device manufacturer we are pleased that STX chose Pfannenberg’s PATROL Signaling Devices to be installed on this sea giant.Innovative attractions such as the highest sea slide have been designed for the 6,700 passengers that can accommodate this 1,187 ft long and 230 ft high floating city as “The Ultimate Abyss”.

The ship also features 20 restaurants, 23 swimming pools, many shops, a mini golf, surfing simulators, a ‘Central Park’ with 10,000 plants and a theater with 1,400 seats!

The best technologies will also be used on the ship such as a bionic bar, RFID wrist bands, iPad check in and high-speed internet which will definitely change the way we enjoy vacations at sea.

Royal Carribbean crew members and passengers can also count on Pfannenberg’s best Signaling Technology for their onbard protection with our 200 PATROL Signaling Devices already installed in various areas of the ship.

These MED Certified, modern, visual and audible signaling devices are used in all technical areas of the ship such as utility rooms, kitchens, storage rooms and machine rooms. Pfannenberg’s PATROL Signaling devices will ensure the 6,700 passengers’ safety against fire and CO2 threats.

Pfannenberg PATROL range of Signaling devices include a standard 10-Year Warranty, guaranteed to protect man, machine and the environment:

PATROL Sounders – versatile audible alarms:

  • 80 pre-programmed tones, up to 4 different even
  • Superior sound penetration and coverage
  • Operates in harsh environments
  • Fast, easy and safe to install
  • Can be surface-mounted or flush-mounted.

PATROL Flashing Sounders – combined audible and visual alarms:

  • Enhance safety with alarms that are seen and heard.
  • Utilize flashing strobes with higher energy/visibility.
  • 80 pre-programmed tones, up to 4 different events
  • Separate control of horns and strobes
  • Superior sound penetration and coverage
  • Operates in harsh environments
  • Fast, easy and safe to install

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