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When source water from cooling towers, lakes and rivers, well water, and potable city water is too cold or contaminated to be directly circulated to certain devices or vessels, a water-to-water heat exchanger can be used to overcome such obstacles and deliver clean coolant at optimum temperature for critical needs.

Pfannenberg Series PWW Water/Water Heat Exchangers are designed with durable components to ensure the effectiveness and longevity of the critical cooling process at hand.

Each unit offers two isolated water circuits – one on the supply side, and one on the process side. The process side includes a coolant reservoir and a circulating pump. The supply side includes an electronically actuated ball valve for modulating source water flow rate in order to maintain the desired process and/or equipment temperature.

Why Choose Pfannenberg Water/Water Heat Exchangers?

Energy Efficient

Pfannenberg’s Water/Water Heat Exchangers use existing chilled water to cool the applications so no refrigerant is needed.

Service Friendliness

Easy to service and maintain, with easily removable panels for easy access to interior components.

Adapted to Any Environment

Corrosion-resistant fixed piping for water circulation. Galvanized steel frame and panels are polyester powder coated to resist any weather.

Temperature Control

Two separate circuits allow the heat to be transferred from the “dirty” side to the clean side protecting electronic components such as liquid cool drives.

Water/Water Heat Exchangers Models

PWW 3242-3482 Water to Water Heat Exchanger

PWW 3242
81960 Btu/h 

PWW 3242-3482 Water to Water Heat Exchanger

PWW 3482
163920 Btu/h 

The Best Environmentally Friendly Solution

The use of Water/Water Heat Exchangers ensure longer service life while conserving energy.

Operating Status Indication

Pfannenberg Series BR 50 Stack lights are included with all models to indicate operating conditions at a glance.

Designed to Handle Tough Environments

Large, finned-tube condensers provide a high level of energy efficiency and fouling resistance.

Flexible Mounting

Channel bases are included to facilitate lift truck handling and permanent foundation mounting. Optional casters are available.

High Efficiency, Long Life Compressors

Heavy-duty reciprocating compressors provide high efficiency and long service life. Crankcase heaters are included with all models.

Larger Surface Area Brazed-plate Evaporators for Lower Energy Usage

With large heat transfer surfaces in a compact size, brazed-plate evaporators offer efficient operation for both heat transfer and coolant flow, resulting in reduced pumping energy. For optimum performance, externally equalized thermal expansion valves are utilized to continuously manage refrigerant flow based on load.

Long Service Life & Wider Range of Performance

Centrifugal coolant pumps offer a wide range of flow and pressure capabilities to fulfill a variety of pipe-run requirements. Non ferrous construction eliminates corrosion and problems surrounding coolant contamination.

High Airflow for Efficient Operation

Axial fans deliver high volume airflow across the condenser for effective dissipation of waste heat while fan cycling provides maximum refrigeration efficiency and energy conservation.

Water to water heat exchanger

Large Coolant Capacity to Absorb Rapid Changes in Heat Load

Vented polypropylene reservoir tanks effectively accommodate rapid changes in heat load thereby permitting the system to cycle efficiently.

Continuous Display Info & Remote Operation

The feature-rich, plug in controller with digital display provides ease of setup and monitoring of all operating conditions including warning and alarm indications. Remote start/stop capability and general alarm contacts are provided. An optional wired remote control pad with 400 ft. range is available.

Protected Electronics and Controls Support Safe & Efficient Operation

Electrical controls for safe and efficient operation include high, low and fan control refrigerant pressure switches, coolant flow and freeze protection. All sensitive devices are contained within a NEMA 1 rated enclosure and built to UL508a standards.

Durable, Weatherproof Construction

Galvanized steel frame and panels are polyester powder coated in light grey (RAL 7035) to resist corrosion.