The Pfannenberg Advantage™ follows a results-driven, four-step process that begins and ends with the user.

It’s a value proposition which provides solutions to problems encountered by the automation user (plant) that are associated with thermal management products. It allows Pfannenberg to take the experience gained in supplying these products to the machine builder and extend it to the point of use where it can be applied to meet specific challenges, or to take advantage of specific opportunities.

Step One: Plant Assessment

Pfannenberg’s field engineering team visits the facility to meet with plant personnel and survey the application in order to fully understand specific thermal management challenges.

Step Two: Solution Development/Product Selection

Factory and field personnel work together to develop an application-specific solution using the best products and practices available to meet process requirements.

Step Three: ROI Analysis

Savings associated with energy usage, maintenance, “up-time”, etc. are quantified and compared to total project costs to verify solution feasibility.

Step Four: Fulfillment

The complete solution is implemented through the coordinated efforts of an experienced team of factory engineers and local partners, from installation, commissioning & training to preventative maintenance & lifecycle service.

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