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Pfannenberg's innovation has made it one of the largest globally operating manufacturers of thermal management and process cooling equipment today. Our wide product range stretches from individual warning and signalling components to complete system solutions for machine cooling and enclosure air conditioning.

Pfannenberg Global Services:

  • Product Development
  • Maintenance
  • Commissioning
  • Product Validation
  • Spare Parts
  • Repair Service

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If your cooling system is down, you can expect immediate assistance from Pfannenberg. Our repair service affords you the fastest possible response - nationally or internationally. We ensure that your cooling system is returned to optimal condition - even if it's not a Pfannenberg product. Our on-site service gets you back on line faster, eliminating the transit time associated with factory repair programs.

Customize Your Service Level

Because each customer and application is unique, we have established three different levels of service flexibility to fit your needs. This customer-specific service program provides economy while, at the same time, ensuring quality. Not sure which option best fits your situation? Qualified Pfannenberg personnel are always available to help you choose - based on three criteria:


In an emergency, speed is crucial. Your urgency is our priority from the very moment that you are connected with Pfannenberg Service. Depending on the selected service level, Pfannenberg Service is available: during office hours, also during the weekend, or around the clock via the 24 Hour Premium Hotline.


Response Time
The speed with which a service technician is on-site following the report of a fault is also defined by the service level: within 48 hrs (Mon-Fri) of the next business day, within 24 hrs (Mon-Fri) of the next business day, or within 24 hrs (everyday) of the next day.


Spare Part Availability
No matter where you are located, your quick access to spare and wear parts is guaranteed by Pfannenberg's Global Parts Program. Four different options are available to meet your needs:


Standard: Standard spare parts are always in stock at one of our service centers and ship within 24 hours of your order. Manufactured spare parts may be in stock and may be built to order (shipment time up within 48 hours of your order).  Custom spare parts are only special ordered.  


Parts Stocked at Pfannenberg: On request, customer-specific spare parts can be stocked at Pfannenberg service centers. This makes particular sense in the case of non-standard spare parts. These parts are shipped within 24 hours of your order.  


Parts Stocked at Your Facility: The quickest access to parts is assured by stocking at your facility. This option is also available on request. 

Maintenance Frequency
Regular maintenance is necessary for even the most reliable machines. Depending upon operating conditions, a structured maintenance plan can significantly increase operational reliability and machine longevity. A Pfannenberg service contract, at the level selected to best fit your situation, will keep your machines consistently operating. Depending on the chosen service level, maintenance is carried out: once per year, twice per year, or according to your needs.


Warranty Extension
Depending on the level you've chosen for your service contract, it's possible to extend the warranty on your Pfannenberg product up to five years. The warranty period amounts to: 1 year, 2 years, or 3 years

Training Courses
Gain a better understanding of air conditioner technology - We offer training classes which allow your employees to recognize problems faster and make the correct repair choices.


Commissioning - Call Pfannenberg!

Pfannenberg offers worldwide professional commissioning and start-up services to ensure your new systems get off to a good start. Avoid improper installation and/or set up issues that can cause machine failure or loss of production time. Whether single or multiple systems, cooling units or chillers, our service technicians provide support for the conversion, expansion, or relocation of your existing cooling systems, technical support questions for your application, commissioning of new devices in your manufacturing facilities, and organization and completion of commissioning.


Download Our Service Solutions Brochure
Call 1-866-689-0085 or email: for more information!

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