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Who is Pfannenberg

Pfannenberg, Inc. is a Global Manufacturer of Thermal Management, Liquid Cooling Solutions and Signaling Technologies. Together with our sales associates, service associates, and worldwide offices, we have established a far-reaching network covering all international markets.

What is the value to work with Pfannenberg & what can I learn?

Our goal for you is simple: utilize your skills and teach you the “ins and outs” of thermal management so you can be a top-tier, industry leading, factory thermal management service provider. This will help support our goal, to provide top-notch service support, with partners all across the globe.

Where will this be useful?

Pfannenberg’s thermal management equipment can not only be installed in varieties of industries, but it is designed to operate through the harshest environments. Manufacturing facilities, paper mills, city sanitation pump stations, and municipal power sub stations are just a few applications where Pfannenberg equipment may be.

When will I see these opportunities?

Once you are properly informed on what the equipment is, what applications it is installed in, and how it works, you will see opportunities open up everywhere. Our goal is to provide opportunities for you, to grow and expand, and expand your team’s knowledge base, to be an elite provider to the communities you serve.

Why is this important?

Unexpected downtime can be detrimental to these facilities. Our goal is to work hand it hand with your team to minimize any downtime a machine may experience from a failure.

How can my business grow?

Pfannenberg is here to help you. Our job is to provide the training, the tools, and the support that you need to be successful in the industrial thermal management sector. Our goal is to support your customers, and our customers as a team – ultimately providing more opportunity for both parties. With your help, and our knowledge, we can lead the industry in service of industrial thermal management products. Our job is to work with your sales team to maximize continuous income opportunities, and grow business as a team.

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