Spare Parts Kits, Filter Kits, Accessories

Original Parts – Only from Pfannenberg

In the event of a cooling unit failure, original Pfannenberg’s spare parts are always in stock. Specific spare part kits are also available for each DTS range of Cooling Units to ensure the best reliability of your unit. By using our original spare parts, downtime is reduced to a minimum or longer downtimes are prevented. Individual spare parts are also available, please consult factory for details.

Why choose Pfannenberg’s original parts:

Developed with each device, our parts are a perfect fit every time. They automatically benefit from every factory product improvement and upgrade, as well as from over 50 years of thermal management experience.

A long service life and a fair price make our original parts particularly economical.

Only with original parts from Pfannenberg can you be sure that …

  • They are the right parts
  • They fit
  • They are in stock
  • They can be delivered quickly
  • You don’t lose any valuable time
  • The proper functionality is guaranteed
  • The guarantee for your whole unit remains intact

Spare Parts Kits

We have bundled the most frequently requested spare parts and wearing parts into two kits: an electronics kit and a refrigeration kit. We ensure quick and global delivery with these, and help you to reduce possible downtime to a minimum.

ELECTRIC KIT DTS 36X1C460 V18886000029
230 V 18886000030
ELECTRIC KIT DTS 34X1C460 V18886000031
230 V18886000032
ELECTRIC KIT DTS 32X5460 V18886000003
230 V 18886000004
115 V18886000005
ELECTRIC KIT DTS 32X1460 V18886000006
230 V 18886000007
115 V18886000008
ELECTRIC KIT DTS 31X5460 V18886000009
230 V 18886000010
115 V18886000011
ELECTRIC KIT DTS 31X1460 V18886000012
230 V 18886000013
115 V18886000014
ELECTRIC KIT DTS 3061/3081230 V 18886000015
115 V18886000016
ELECTRIC KIT DTS 3031230 V 18886000017
115 V18886000018
ELECTRIC E-BOX KIT DTS 31x1-18886000019
ELECTRIC E-BOX KIT DTS 32X5-18886000020

Filter Kits

For harsh, dirty environments

FILTER KIT DTS 3021/3031/3031 SS***Aluminium Mesh18881500008
FILTER KIT DTS 3041/3061Aluminium Mesh18881500005
FILTER KIT DTS 31X1Aluminium Mesh18881500009
FILTER KIT DTS 31X1 SL & 31X5 Before S1527...***Aluminium Mesh18881500006
FILTER KIT DTS 31X1 SL / 31X5 After S1527...***Aluminium Mesh18380000025
FILTER KIT DTS 32X1Aluminium Mesh 18881500001
FILTER KIT DTS 32X5***Aluminium Mesh 18881500007
FILTER KIT DTS 34X1/34X1C/36X1C, DTS/I 6000 Series, DTT 6000 Series**Aluminium Mesh 18300000149
FILTER KIT DTS 36X1Aluminium Mesh 18881500004
FILTER KIT PKS 313X, 320X, 330X, 336XAluminium Mesh 18881500003
** Requires the housing from PN 18881500010 to utilize filter.
*** Can be mounted externally with a mounting bracket.


Internal Enclosure and Panel Fans

Distribution of cold air inside the control cabinet

PFP 100 4" panel fan 115 V18103000000
PFP 100 4" panel fan 230 V18103000001
PFP 200 6" panel fan 115 V18103000002
PFP 200 6" panel fan 230 V18103000003

Condensate Bottle

External container for collecting the accumulating condensed water

All units18314000100

External Condensate Evaporation System KV-PTC

External condensate evaporator for the accumulated condensed water

115-230 V 50 / 60 Hz18314000001