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Below you will find a list of Pfannenberg’s instructional webinars to help you find the correct product and solution.

Tuesday, July 28, 202030 minJake Vernon
Stack Light & Stack Light tower part Selection
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Tuesday, July 21, 202030 minJake Vernon
Selecting Tones / Adjusting Volume / Dip Switches of PATROL and DS Series sounders
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Thursday, July 16, 202030 minJake Vernon
How to wire a Combination Audible/Visual Signal (PYRA & PATROL)
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Tuesday, July 14, 202030 minJake Vernon
The ins and outs of Explosion-Proof Signaling (ATEX vs Class/Div Ratings)
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Thursday, July 9, 202030 minJake Vernon
How to Wire a Patrol Audible Sounder
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Thursday, May 28, 202030 minJake Vernon
SIL Rated Devices for Machine Design

SIL Signaling Devices to Enhance the Safety of Operating Machinery and Industrial Processes
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Friday, May 22, 202030 minJake Vernon
Signals built for harsh environments

a. 10 Year Warranty
b. Sound capsule construction
c. High IP Rating Test
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Tuesday, May 19, 202030 minJake Vernon
Audible Signaling Devices Specifics

a. How sound travels
b. Choosing the correct decibel output
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Friday, May 15, 202030 minJake Vernon
Visual Signaling Devices Specifics

a. Choosing the correct Lens Color
b. Specifying the light intensity
c. Distance the visual device needs to be seen from
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Tuesday, May 12, 202030 minJake Vernon
How to determine whether you need an Audible, Visual or combination signaling device?

Determining which device you need depends ambient noise, room size and many other factors. Let's discuss together the best way to choose the best device to use depending on your environment.
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Friday, April 17, 202045 minChris Marlow
Condensation in Electrical Enclosures

OMG… Water in the electrical enclosure! In this webinar we will discuss condensation, how is it form, and how to prevent it
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Wednesday, April 15, 202045 minAdam Wells
Best Practices - Cooling Units Installation and Positioning

Sizing the right capacity is only half of the equation to a good enclosure cooling system. To optimize the operation of the cooling unit to protect sensitive components in the cabinet other factors such as positioning of the cooling unit on the enclosure, and location of the critical components within the cabinet could impact the performance of the cooling system
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Monday, April 13, 202045 minChris Marlow
Different Enclosure Cooling Technology

Filter fans and cooling unit (A/C) are the typical go to thermal management system. But there are other Enclosure cooling technology that could offers other benefits such as energy savings, system consolidation, and even some that use natural element to cool when the condition is appropriate. Let’s explore together!
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Friday, April 10, 202045 minChris Marlow
Thermal Management Sizing and Selection - Pfannenberg PSS Software Tutorial

Sizing the right cooling unit or filter fans is an important part of maintaining the optimal temperature in an electrical enclosure. Pfannenberg has been providing our comprehensive software to help design engineer select the right thermal management system. Join us as we walkthrough the software on how to use and the special consideration built-in to provide you the best available technology.
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Wednesday, April 8, 202045 minJames Wong
NEMA® Type Rating- How Thermal Management Products Play the Role

NEMA enclosures are rated according to the NEMA Type Rating (i.e. 12,3R,4…) Components install on the enclosure such as the thermal management system has to pass the stringent test of the rating. During this webinar we will deep dive into the different Thermal Management technology and consideration when applying to NEMA® rated enclosures.
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Monday, April 6, 202045 minAdam Wells
How to Select a Packaged Air-Cooled Chiller

We will explain some of the important parameters to consider when choosing a chiller such as fluid flow, fluid type, ambient/process temperature and more.
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