PAI 6043/6133/6203 Series Air To Air Heat Exchangers

The PAI series εCOOL Air/Air Heat Exchangers are ideal for the replacement of a Filterfan® solution when the ambient air is too contaminated to enter the cabinet. Available in 3 models; PAI 6043, PAI 6133 and PAI 6203, which are designed to be compatible with our European DTI Series cut-outs.

The robust steel construction of the PAI Air/Air Heat Exchangers makes their operation in harsh industrial routines possible. Assembly and maintenance has been reduced to a uniquely low amount of time. Energy efficiency and maintenance friendliness form the optimal basis for process safety, reliability and cost advantages.

Cut-out compatibility with DTI series cooling units

Components in the enclosure are often updated and the requirements to thermal management change. An air/air heat exchanger which was previously the optimal solution is not suitable any more. The refitting of an active εCOOL cooling unit can be carried out easily and without problems, because the units have the same cut-out dimensions. Thus, the process stability is also ensured after extensive modifications.