Pfannenberg visual signaling devices

Pfannenberg offers a complete spectrum of visual signals. Click the appropriate image below to learn more.

Flashing Strobe Beacons

Flashing beacons utilize glass tubes filled with xenon gas to produce a bright flash of light when energized. The technology is also used for strobe lights and flash photography. A typical flash rate is once per second - but this can vary by device. Units with multiple flash capability offer a variety of flash sequences and rates. Flashing beacons offer the highest degree of signaling effect and are widely used for evacuation alarms for fires, toxic gas leaks, and chemical spills; as well as for warning of moving machinery and structures such as lifting equipment, service vehicles, safety barriers, gates, and doors.

Rotating Mirror Lights

Rotating mirror lights utilize halogen lamps and a motorized reflector (mirror) to shed a concentrated light beam over 360 degrees of rotation. The use of halogen lamps provides a higher output intensity compared to normal incandescent light bulbs. Rotating mirror lights provide a high degree of signaling effect and are a popular warning choice for use on moving vehicles or alarming of a process upset.

LED Lights

LED lights provide the versatility of continuous, blinking, or rotating operational modes as well as low power consumption and durability. LED lights are an excellent choice for use on machinery since they are very tolerant to shock and vibration and exhibit long life characteristics.

Blinking Lights

Blinking lights utilize incandescent light bulbs and self-contained circuitry to control and produce the blinking behavior. The blinking frequency may be fixed or user-selectable. Blinking lights are an economical choice for warning of a process upset or for alerting operators that action is required. (Note: an LED light is recommended for installations on machinery or other locations where the light will be subjected to vibration and shock).

Continuous Lights

Continuous lights utilize filament-style incandescent light bulbs or halogen lamps and are an economical choice for machinery or process status indication. (Note: an LED light is recommended for installations on machinery or other locations where the light will be subjected to vibration and shock).

Function Monitored Lights

Function monitored lights utilize self-contained fault-diagnostic circuitry to sense proper operational behavior and report any faults via additional electrical contacts. Safety-critical applications are served by function monitored lights which can provide a "maintenance required" alert or even engage an operational lockout of dangerous machinery in the event of a safety lighting failure.

Traffic Lights

Traffic lights promote safety in and around factory environments and are particularly effective for guiding visitors through entrance gates and parking area barriers. Available technologies include LED and incandescent bulbs with redundancy to ensure fail-safe operation as well as light sensors for dimming. Square traffic lights have also been proven effective for crane operator feedback to ensure safe operation when approaching maximum load or encountering imbalance and wind conditions.

Marine Lights

Marine lights are built tough to endure severe environments and stand up to salt spray, shock, and vibration. Both xenon flash and multi-function LED styles are offered.

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