Afraid to Use Water to Cool your Electronics?

Afraid to Use Water to Cool Your Electronics? You Shouldn’t Be:
Air Conditioners have condensate management precisely to handle the water that is already in your enclosures. Many enclosure cooling devices for industrial thermal processing are designed to handle environments where water is present. The off-the-shelf systems incorporate condensate management to handle water in your enclosures. What is that? There is no water near your electronics? That is where you are wrong: The water is hidden in the vapor form in the air. Fortunately when managed correctly it has no effect on the components inside the enclosure.

Learn more about not only managing the water correctly but how to also use Pfannenberg’s Liquid Solutions™ such as chillers and air to water heat exchangers to cool with water. Check out the article written in Process Cooling by Pfannenberg’s Mitchell Wheeler.

Afraid to Put Water Cooling Near Electricity – Process Cooling September 2014 WEFTEC Issue

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