Proven Micro-channel Condenser Technology For Electronics Cooling

Micro Channel Encosure Air Conditionner

Micro-channel cooling is a PROVEN COOLING TECHNOLOGY that has been used in the AUTOMOTIVE and HVAC industry for over 25 years. Pfannenberg is the first to introduce micro-channel condenser technology to the industrial process and enclosure cooling industry. We are always striving to bring new technologies to our customers. Micro-channel cooling technology offers a smaller footprint, improved heat transfer efficiency while also providing an environmentally friendly solution.

Benefits of micro-channel condenser cooling

Greater Efficiency

The micro-channel condenser coils utilize an ultra-efficient design providing up to 40% more heat rejection. Unlike standard condenser construction this is made possible by multiple channels within the tube and a brazed joint between the tube and fin. This improves
the transfer of heat from the refrigerant into the ambient air.

Single Row, Less Clogging & Fouling

The single row air flow path of the micro-channel condenser allows for a condenser air flow path that clogs less and is significantly easier to clean during general maintenance.

Corrosion Resistant & Less Weight

The 100% aluminum design with zinc coating increases the corrosion resistance versus conventional copper tube and fin condensers and reduces the weight of the product significantly.

Increased Durability

The micro-channel design provides for a condenser coil that is harder to damage during transit and general handling of the cooling unit.  Fin combing is not required to maintain proper airflow channels.

Cost Effective Design

Machine production of the micro-channel condenser and the reduced material cost of using aluminum vs copper tubing creates a significant savings over conventional copper tube and fin designs.

Uses 50% Less Refrigerant

In an age where many companies are required to account for and pay fees based on refrigerant usage, having a system that provides the same cooling capacity using 50% less refrigerant is a life saver for plant managers.

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