#NationalSafetyMonth: How Pfannenberg’s Signaling Technology Helps to Mitigate Risks and Ensure Employee Safety

Do all your alarms sound the same? Did you consider the light/ambient sound levels of your facility or the area to be alarmed when you selected your signaling devices? If not, don’t worry, these are common errors that can be easily corrected with the appropriate signaling strategy.

For #NationalSafetyMonth Jake, our Signaling Product Manager, explains what makes Pfannenberg the Industry Leading manufacturer of Signaling Products.

Pfannenberg Signaling Experts are here to help our customers as many parameters have to be taken into account when planning a Signaling Strategy. It is imperative to understand which/how many visual, audible or combined signaling devices are needed. This starts with understanding the type of event (indication, warning, alarm) but also the signaling confusion that may be happening inside the manufacturing environment.

Our Signaling experts are here to help, not only during #NationalSafetyMonth but all year round so Contact us today to find how we can help reduce the risks in you manufacturing environment!