Green Series Product Image

Pfannenberg USA Unveils Green Series DTI 6000 Cooling Units

Green Series Product Image

We are excited to announce our new Green Series DTI 6000 Cooling Units. These cooling solutions represent a transformative leap in enclosure cooling technology, protecting vulnerable electronics while protecting the environment.

By employing a closed-loop design, these units effectively seal out ambient air, ensuring the recirculation of clean, cool air throughout the enclosure. This innovative approach provides comprehensive protection for enclosure electronics, safeguarding them against both heat and contaminated ambient air. This system further benefits from the expanded distance between air inlet and outlet, optimizing the air flow within the enclosure to prevent hotspots. Plus, the DTI 6000’s integrated design requires less floor space compared to traditional side-mount cooling units, offering space-saving functionality.

The Green Series DTI 6000 Cooling Units offer industry-leading energy efficiency. With our latest design, customers can achieve up to 11% energy savings, resulting in a more cost-efficient operation. Additionally, the DTI 6000 reduces the amount of refrigerant used per unit by up to 58% compared to the previous version. This not only reduces the use of these crucial resources but also aligns with current regulations and lowers the system’s overall Global Warming Potential.

Green Sereis cooling unit on an electrical cabinetWith versatile power configuration, DTI 6000 owners can seamlessly transition from 400V to 460V with a simple jumper, simplifying retrofitting even for three-phase units. Tool-less mounting and simple installation procedures save valuable time and upfront costs. Plus, easily accessible main system components facilitate straightforward service and maintenance.

UL listed for new UL-60335 requirements, the Green Series DTI 6000 is positioned as a future-ready solution. Our commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge design shines through in the Green Series DTI 6000 Cooling Units. As industries evolve, we continue to lead with innovations that not only meet current needs but anticipate and address the challenges of the future.

Learn more about the Green Series DTI 6000 here or download our flyer.