Safety Begins with Understanding the Situation: Remembering to Maintain Safety While Ramping Up Productivity During National Safety Month

By Jake Vernon, (Product Specialist – Audible & Visual Signaling)

The National Safety Council has designated June as National Safety Month, and the third week is focused on Injury Prevention. In 2020 alone, more than four million workplace injuries required medical attention in the U.S. At Pfannenberg, all of our products reflect our belief that Safety Begins with Understanding the Situation.

Safety issues have become more acute since the beginning of the covid pandemic, with business operations ramping up to increase productivity and throughput under tighter timeframes and with labor shortages. With equipment running all the time, companies cannot afford to take the risk that workers will get hurt or machines will be damaged, causing process downtime.

Therefore, we are seeing increased interest in effective and proven signaling technology that provides visual and audible alarms for industrial safety.

The intensely bright LED elements in the BR50 are up to 10,000% brighter than tower lights / stacklights with the old LED bulbs and much more long-lasting.

The BR50 tower lights / stacklights with audible signals can be heard from much farther away. They also add another level of safety by emitting clearly distinct tones for each specific type of crane. Allowing workers to distinguish between the operation of wheeled gantry cranes and the massive stationary cranes.

Whether you install the bright and versatile BR50 tower lights / stacklights on cabinets, machinery frames or junction boxes you’ll find a range of mounting options that will add to the safety, productivity, and style for your facility.