Signaling for Fixed Gas Detection: Pfannenberg PATROL Series


Gas detectors – whether for toxic, flammable, or asphyxiant gases –  are crucial for safeguarding human life in the midst of dangerous situations. These sensors can be used to control ventilation to dissipate toxic and combustible gasses, or to alarm personnel when gas accumulations become excessive and potentially hazardous. As a result, they can be critical lifesaving devices. The failure to implement appropriate systems, on the other hand, can lead to injury or even death within a remarkably short span of time. According to OSHA data, twelve employees have lost their lives in situations involving NH3, CO2, R22, CH4, and CL2 gas exposure in the last five years alone.

Alarms, however, are typically not included in gas detection systems, and so separate alarms must be selected and installed as part of the detection system in order to ensure worker safety and awareness of hazards at all times. As a result of the rigorous demands of such applications, signaling devices for these critical alarms must perform even under adverse conditions.


A wide variety of industries deal with the threat of toxic gas leaks. Ammonia alone is used at power plants to reduce emissions for EPA compliance; in fertilizer for agribusiness; as a refrigerant in food, beverage, and chemical manufacturing and storage; and in other circumstances.

Pfannenberg PATROL® Series Combination Strobe/sounders are compatible with all gas detection systems (NH3, CO2, R22, CH4, CL2, and more), and are ideal for warning personnel of an evacuation when there is presence of hazardous gasses.

With modern technology, no moving parts, wide temperature range, flame retardant materials, and weatherproof construction, Pfannenberg Flashing Sounder signaling devices are the reliable choice for safeguarding lives and assets.

Flashing sounders offer an enhanced level of signaling – and thus, safety – by combining visual and audible alarms. Such devices are particularly well suited for environments with high ambient noise levels or when the use of hearing protection may hamper a sounder’s effectiveness.

Pfannenberg’s PATROL Flashing Sounders are designed as integrated flashing sounders, rather than combining a sounder with a bolted-on flashing light. This integration makes installation safer and simpler, and ensures proper operation regardless of onsite conditions.

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