Pfannenberg and People Inc. Partnership

In 2017, a partnership between Pfannenberg and People Inc. was developed. People Inc. works with Businesses to employ individuals with developmental disabilities to secure and maintain meaningful work.

Today, this partnership provides work opportunities for six People Inc. employees who are part of the Pfannenberg’s family and are working on our Filterfans® line.  In addition Pfannenberg also provides work for 10 employees at the People Inc. location in Depew.

A few days ago, Pfannenberg was delighted to receive a testimonial from People Inc. stating the impact Pfannenberg has on People Inc. workers. Ken Levan, Business Service Manager at People Inc. states :“Workers have had a chance to learn and develop new skills, which are unlike anything they have learned before. These new skills have led to increased confidence in everyone involved, as well as an even greater desire to learn. One employee, in particular, works three days per week at Pfannenberg. He had a history of being nervous when trying any new job and would express, “I can’t do it,” even before trying. Since he began working at Pfannenberg, he has embraced new work with confidence and enthusiasm. The People Inc. crews, as a whole, have learned the importance of taking pride in their work, and show it by ensuring quality in each piece that is produced. In addition, they have obtained a better understanding of working as a team and helping each other when assistance is needed.

Pfannenberg is proud to contribute to People Inc. workers personal and professional development. As the testimony states Everyone within the Pfannenberg Company has embraced the People Inc. employees as coworkers. They are greeted warmly each morning and included in staff luncheons. Pfannenberg staff will also frequently engage in casual conversation with People Inc. employees, resulting in a sense of belonging. This past summer, our crew was so thrilled when each person was given a company shirt and hat”.

Last Christmas, Pfannenberg honored the People Inc. team with year end awards as a thank you and recognition for all of their hard work and contributions to our company as they helped us exceed our production quota for Filterfans®.

Pfannenberg is proud to work with People Inc. individuals, the hard work they perform and the smiles that they bring to Pfannenberg impacts all of our lives.

Click here to read People Inc. full testimonial.


Pfannenberg joins the Buffalo Manufacturing Works Founders Council

Pfannenberg’s North American headquarters are located in WNY. Over the last few years this rust belt region has begun to see a rebirth in development and investment in manufacturing and jobs. As a FastTrack company for the last several years we have been one of the many companies leading the manufacturing growth in our region.

We are proud to call WNY our home and want to help other manufacturers both existing and recently relocated experience the same success. Last month, through the support of the Buffalo Billion Initiative the Buffalo Manufactuing Works was opened. What is the Buffalo Manufacturing Works?Buffalo Manufacturing Works engages with manufacturers across North America to help them achieve their goals. We’ll show you how to gain a sustainable, competitive advantage by developing and implementing cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, enhancing productivity, and finding other ways for your company to grow. Whether you want to lower costs, improve production quality, reduce time to market or increase revenues, our network of experts can steer your business toward greater success.”

A Founder’s Council Member, Pfannenberg is one of the anchor companies that is responsible for:

  • Advise on industry needs
  • Provide guidance in establishing and assessing research capabilities
  • Create working groups that will consist of technology experts, universities, and industrial partners that provide direction

We are excited to be a part of this advanced manufacturing network.

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