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Pfannenberg Announces Partnership with GMN USA

Liquid Cooling solutions to be sold alongside spindle motors for streamlined experience

We are excited to announce a partnership with GMN USA, a supplier of machine tool spindles, drives, lubricators, and cord sets.  This collaboration will supply GMN USA with Pfannenberg’s chillers, a liquid cooling solution that will be sold as a companion product alongside GMN’s spindle motors.

“I am excited to partner with GMN. Our teams working together will bring new growth to both organizations,” commented Barb Ross, Director of Channel and Representatives at Pfannenberg.

“It is an ideal combination of GMN’s high speed spindle technology with Pfannenberg coolant chillers,” says James Wong, Director for Global NEMA Product Management at Pfannenberg. “Our chillers will regulate and maintain the temperature of the spindles to increase reliability and reduce downtime for the end user.”

“GMN prides itself on partnering with high quality suppliers. We are looking forward to a great partnership with Pfannenberg. And look forward to growing together in the US.” Commented Glenn R Ledoux Vice President of Sales, GMN USA. 

This alliance aims to better serve the machine tool industry in the US by featuring complementary products in one place. GMN USA offers a wide range of spindle support equipment in addition to Pfannenberg’s coolant chillers including oil/air lubricators, spindle drives, assemblies, and other accessories. GMN engineers provide support for both new and retrofit spindle applications based on individual customer needs.

Learn more about Pfannenberg’s liquid cooling solutions.

Learn more about GMN USA’s solutions.

The Press Release is available here.

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Pfannenberg Named a Top 20 Fast Track Company

Pfannenberg Recognized as a Fast Growing Company by Buffalo Business First


Pfannenberg is proud to be recognized as one of the Top 20 Fast Track Companies in the Buffalo Niagara New York Region by Buffalo Business First. This prestigious accolade, recognizing the fastest growing companies in the region, underscores the company’s ongoing success and its dedication to building a brighter, more sustainable future.

Pfannenberg’s innovative products have played a pivotal role in many industries over the last decades, protecting machines and people with thermal management and signaling solutions. Pfannenberg’s products are now also being used in the advancement of green technologies, solving critical problems in this evolving industry and demonstrating Pfannenberg’s commitment to sustainability.

As Pfannenberg continues to expand its operations, the company remains committed to finding and nurturing exceptional talent.  With a range of career opportunities, from production colleagues to various management roles, Pfannenberg invites individuals who share its passion for innovation and excellence to join its growing team.

“Our growth is directly attributed to the amazing and dedicated talent on our team,” says Earl Rogalski, President. “Our company and culture embrace an entrepreneurial spirit, teamwork, collaboration, and creativity.  These values are the driving force behind our ability to develop cutting-edge solutions that solve real problems in manufacturing and various other industry groups.”

This recognition by Buffalo Business First serves as a testament to Pfannenberg’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainable growth in the ever-evolving manufacturing and industrial technology sectors.

To learn more about the products that make up the Pfannenberg portfolio and have contibuted to the fast growth click here.


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Pfannenberg Qualifies for UL’s Data Acceptance Program

We are proud to announce that our test lab has been assessed and found to comply with the applicable requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 in accordance with UL’s Data Acceptance Program (DAP) and has been qualified as a DAP participant in the Client Test Data Program (CTDP) for the testing and certification of special purpose air conditioning systems.

CTDP certification is awarded to companies that demonstrate the highest levels of quality management, laboratory testing capability, technical expertise and knowledge of industry standards. UL reassesses CTDP certification annually.

The CTDP certificate enables Pfannenberg to perform testing in its own laboratory, equivalent to the testing that UL performs. UL thoroughly reviews all data submitted by the Pfannenberg lab before issuing the UL Mark certification. CTDP certification significantly shortens the turnaround time for UL Mark certification, improving the speed to market for Pfannenberg new products and enhancements.

The Pfannenberg lab performs a wide range of tests critical to analyzing the performance and safety of air conditioning systems, including Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis (CFD), as well as environmental simulations, a climatic chamber, and IP protection class tests. The lab also performs transport and vibration tests and EMC / noise emission tests.

Pfannenberg Celebrates 25 Years of North American Manufacturing

We held a celebratory event for the 25th anniversary of our United States manufacturing operations on November 9th, 2022 at the company’s North American headquarters in Lancaster, NY. It featured factory tours and presentations by Andreas Pfannenberg, Owner – Pfannenberg Group, Tobias Merle, CEO – Pfannenberg Group, Earl Rogalski, President – Pfannenberg Sales America, and Ronald Ruffino, Lancaster Town Supervisor.

In announcing the celebration, Andreas Pfannenberg paid special tribute to the resources available in the Western New York Region that he says is a major contributor to the company’s success. “When we decided in the late 1990s to expand into North America from our roots in Germany, we understood that, to successfully grow the business, products for North America needed to be designed and manufactured in North America.” He added, “The Buffalo area’s long and storied manufacturing history and reputation for a strong work ethic fits our needs and supports Pfannenberg’s high quality reputation. Our North American growth is largely due to the willingness of the two cultures to work together in the spirit of learning.”


Tobias Merle added, “As a German family business, we are proud to develop and produce our thermal management products in Lancaster, NY. Known for offering unique value and the highest standards, our product solutions and services are trusted by some of the largest, well-known companies from around the world. Our success for the last 25 years is based on a long-term vision of growth built around high-quality products manufactured in America, our skilled employees, and our reputation as a trusted advisor to our customers. As we look forward, we welcome anyone who wants to be part of this journey for the next 25 years.”

Earl Rogalski, noted that it is an honor to be working alongside his Pfannenberg colleagues in the United States and around the world. “What makes this milestone achievement so special,” said Rogalski, “Is knowing the positive impact our colleagues are making and the solutions our products are providing – from critical life-saving infrastructure to clean drinking water. Few companies get an opportunity to celebrate 10-years, let alone 25-years. This is a fantastic achievement made possible by our dedicated and highly talented team.”


Check Out Pfannenberg’s New Industry Specific Web Section

We just introduced a new section on our website to provide educational resources and access to in-depth knowledge about innovative thermal management, liquid cooling and signaling solutions and how they apply to specific industry group.

From automobiles to steel mills, water treatment to bottling, gas detection to traffic signaling, we have the Thermal Management Solutions, Signaling Systems and expertise to keep your processes moving!

The site includes infographics, process descriptions, product solutions, case studies, and articles for six main industry groups and more than twenty subcategories, comprising the most comprehensive educational resource of its kind available:

  • Food and Beverage (Commercial Baking, Meat, Poultry, Seafood Processing, Bottling, Canning and Beverage Processing)
  • Industrial Data (Micro Data Centers, Edge Computing, Retail Warehouses)
  • Manufacturing (Steel, Paper, Glass, Material Handling, Plastic/Rubber, Wood, Printing/Packaging)
  • Infrastructure (Water and Wastewater Treatment, Airport and Roadways)
  • Energy (Battery Energy Storage and Charging, System Integrators, Green Energy Systems)
  • Automotive

The new site resources are designed to meet the increasing demand for industry-specific education for thermal management and signaling” said Jon LaPorta, VP, Marketing and Sales, Pfannenberg USA.  “We recognize a need to help people with various levels of knowledge understand the benefits of these technologies and how they fit into their processes.

Pfannenberg’s thermal management solutions for enclosure electronics range from the highly energy-efficient Original Filterfan® to the PWS Air/Water Heat Exchangers that can remove a considerable amount of heat while isolating sensitive electronics from a corrosive atmosphere outside of the enclosure.

Signaling solutions are also critically important to keeping employees safe and systems running smoothly Pfannenberg has developed a broad range of audible and visual signaling technologies to indicate the status of a machine, process, or test procedure, a warning of a dangerous situation, or required corrective action. An alarm to alert personnel of life-threatening and emergencies.

Access the new industry group pages here:

Now Available: DTS 34X1C and 36X1C Series Cooling Units – Highest Capacity For Industrial Enclosures

Are you interested in discovering the latest in high powered, durable, and efficient enclosure cooling technology? We are pleased to announce the launch of the New DTS 34X1C and DTS 36X1C Series Cooling Units which offer many benefits: higher capacity, more efficient design, and an even more robust build for long service life.

The new DTS 34X1C and DTS 36X1C Cooling Units (in replacement of our DTS 34X1 and 36X1 models) feature the highest cooling capacity in the smallest possible footprint.

DTS 34x1-36x1C_group

The DTS 34X1C delivers 1.5ton of cooling capacity at normal operation, and the DTS 36X1C up to 2ton capacity. Both units are designed with the same dimensions and mounting cutout so that they can be easily interchanged depending on cooling demand. They are also backwards compatible with Pfannenberg’s older designs, making them a versatile option for enclosure cooling. The refrigeration system has been totally redesigned, however, to ensure a longer and more robust service life.

The DTS units’ electrical system has been updated to include a smaller and simpler power connecter, which reduces the protrusion of the connecter into the cabinet and in turn frees up valuable real estate. Other features include an easy panel access and a front status LED display, which help to simplify maintenance and lengthen your service intervals. What’s more, these cooling units were built with an “open design” so critical components can be accessed easily during maintenance. These design updates helping end users to focus on uptime and prevent disruptions to operation.

Other features, like active condensate management, coated corrosion resistance condenser coils, and high flow evaporator fans, are designed for success in critical applications.

These units are ideal for high heat loads, especially in high horsepower drive enclosures. They are available in a range of different NEMA or UL Type ratings – 12/3R/4/4X – and different voltages. Soon, options for low ambient, integrated heater, and Modbus connectivity will be available as well.


The new DTS 34X1C and 36X1C will replace the old DTS 34X1 and 36X1 models. Please contact your local Pfannenberg Sales representative for availability of the older design or reach out to for more information.

For more information about the updated DTS cooling units, click here!.

Pfannenberg Offers 24/7 Service to Support Thermal Management Equipment Whenever Customers Need it Most

Preventative maintenance, rapidly available spare parts, and more ensure maximum uptime!

As the days get longer and the air gets hotter, Summer season bring along its share of overheating electronics leading to machine downtimes. To help our customers dealing with the stress of summer heat, Pfannenberg offers extensive service and support program, which includes installation and commissioning, in-house and on-site repairs, preventative maintenance, spare parts, and extended warranties.

Even in the midst of the current global health crisis, the company’s international Services & Support team is available 24/7 to support customers with their Thermal Management and Process Cooling Equipment.

Of course, occasional equipment challenges and related downtime can’t be fully avoided. Pfannenberg’s goal is to minimize any downtime customer machines may experience due to a failure. As a result, the company’s comprehensive service team is guaranteed to be available whenever and wherever customers need. This guaranteed availability minimizes downtime, enabling customers to keep vital processes up and running consistently.

For customers who want to minimize downtime and reduce unscheduled maintenance, preventative maintenance (PM) is critically important. Regular preventative maintenance programs schedule service for optimal times, often during periods of planned downtime. This makes essential maintenance services more cost effective, and ensures that equipment is always performing well. Planning service needs during scheduled downtime ensures that customers can maintain efficiency and profitability. Pfannenberg can even manage the maintenance timing for customers, tracking units being maintained, spare parts needed, and more.

Quick access to spare parts is essential to optimizing uptime. Pfannenberg’s Global Parts Program ensures that spare parts are always available to customers worldwide. What’s more, spare part kits, bundled with the most frequently requested spare parts for each range of products, are always available to ensure top reliability and rapid service speed. Pfannenberg ensures fast and global delivery of spare parts to enable customers to reduce possible downtime to a minimum!

Do you need service? Fill out our Service Request form or download our Service Brochure to learn more!

An important update from Pfannenberg on COVID-19


A message from Earl Rogalski, President

Pfannenberg Sales America

As the global COVID-19 pandemic continues, I wanted to share a quick Pfannenberg update.  Our priority remains the safety of our colleagues and all our efforts are focused on ensuring just that.  At the same time, we fully recognize how critical our products are to so many critical industries – those fighting the global pandemic.

Critical Industry Support

Pfannenberg has implemented a robust and connected remote work policy and we’ve adopted a comprehensive operations schedule.  Combined, we are ready to support all the critical industries – distribution, food and beverage, pharma, energy and so many more – with Pfannenberg products.  We’ll either ship from our sizable inventory or produce per order.

Technical and Commercial Support

For those who need technical or commercial support, our team of experts are standing by to help.  Let us know how you’d like to connect – GoToMeeting, SKYPE, FaceTime or any other method.

Above all, we send our sincere wishes for your continued health and safety.

Pfannenberg Announces PMF LED-Hi Multifunction Light

Ultra bright LED technology ideal for indoor and outdoor use in industrial applications

Lancaster, NY – Pfannenberg, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of Thermal Management and Signaling Technologies, announces the PMF LED-Hi LED multifunction light, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use in industrial environments, including automotive, plant construction and logistics, open-cast mining, heavy industry, and maritime applications. Equipped with three signal options, eight different operating modes, and a wide signaling area of up to 1350 feet, the PMF LED-Hi offers day/night reduction, individually switchable sectors and inrush current limitation. It is highly insensitive to vibration and has a service life exceeding 50,000 operating hours.

The versatile PMF LED-Hi offers three 3 different signaling modes, including:

  • A blinking light that is highly efficient for permanent warning;
  • A flashing light, which is brighter than comparable xenon flashing light;
  • A rotating beacon effect, without mechanical rotating mirrors.

The availability of eight operating modes means users can switch off individual sectors to align signaling precisely and avoid unwanted reflections or glare.

The multifunction light is available in all common signal colors and can be adapted to specific applications. When the lens is clear, the light offers 315 candela (cd) flash brightness for large areas and outdoors. The signal lamp can withstand temperatures from -40 to +55 °C and is resistant to shock and vibrations, making it a good choice for harsh environments.

Despite its long operating time and large operating voltage and signaling area, the PMF LED-Hi features low current consumption. With a nominal voltage of 24VDC and a wide-range power supply, higher supply voltages can be compensated. The standard inrush current suppression ensures further energy savings.

The LED-Hi is available in three versions for use in safety-relevant applications (SIL / PL) or for ambient temperatures up to 70 °C.

Any question? Please click here to contact our Signaling Product Manager for additional information.

Pfannenberg concludes exclusive agreement on thermal management solutions with the BMW Group

Thermal management specialist Pfannenberg has concluded an exclusive agreement with the BMW Group on thermal management solutions for the production plants at all sites worldwide.

Picture Source: BMW AG

Pfannenberg’s energy-efficient, low-maintenance and long-lasting thermal management solutions as well as our global presence were decisive in the conclusion of this partnership. Depending on site, environment and application, we offer a wide range of thermal management solutions – from filterfans® and air/air heat exchangers to air/water heat exchangers and cooling units.

The perfect cooling solution for any requirement

Whether painting or assembly work, manufacturing in the automotive industry uses many different processes at the same time and production efficiency is a top priority. Cooling requirements vary depending on the application, and a precise analysis of the needs is necessary to define the appropriate performance. Otherwise, an oversized system can lead to higher energy consumption. In this area, Pfannenberg offers the right thermal management solution for every cooling requirement and ensures an energy-efficient and smooth production sequence. In particular, Pfannenberg’s ECool series cooling units stand out for their high performance, intelligent control and exceptionally easy-to-maintain design.

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We are very pleased about this cooperation and look forward to the coming years as a partner of the BMW Group. Thanks to the outstanding cooperation of the technical team, the customer service and our account managers, we can offer the BMW Group a convincing all-round packagesays Jan Lautenschläger, Germany Sales Director at Pfannenberg.In the production area, an energy-efficient cooling concept is becoming increasingly important and here in particular regarding the CO² emissions along the production chain. Major customers such as BMW are demanding a respective company-wide solution with a sustainable concept for the future. Here, the focus is clearly on energy efficiency and perceivable quality.

Convincing energy efficiency and ease of maintenance

BMW group’s main requirements were focused on energy efficiency and maintenance needs. Thanks to the installation of test Cooling Units, Pfannenberg convinced in particular with the εCOOL series. A realistic energy consumption analysis facilitated the simulation of the expected energy consumption in various production sites. This analysis showed that due to low ambient temperatures, the real environment will often not require the unit to run at full power. This is where the Pfannenberg’s intelligent energy-saving mode comes into play, with the “cooling mode” being triggered when the required cabinet temperature is exceeded. In addition, the standardized installation dimensions and housing cutouts allow easy replacement of cooling units and quick adaptation to changing environmental conditions and applications.