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Pfannenberg Named a Top 20 Fast Track Company

Pfannenberg Recognized as a Fast Growing Company by Buffalo Business First


Pfannenberg is proud to be recognized as one of the Top 20 Fast Track Companies in the Buffalo Niagara New York Region by Buffalo Business First. This prestigious accolade, recognizing the fastest growing companies in the region, underscores the company’s ongoing success and its dedication to building a brighter, more sustainable future.

Pfannenberg’s innovative products have played a pivotal role in many industries over the last decades, protecting machines and people with thermal management and signaling solutions. Pfannenberg’s products are now also being used in the advancement of green technologies, solving critical problems in this evolving industry and demonstrating Pfannenberg’s commitment to sustainability.

As Pfannenberg continues to expand its operations, the company remains committed to finding and nurturing exceptional talent.  With a range of career opportunities, from production colleagues to various management roles, Pfannenberg invites individuals who share its passion for innovation and excellence to join its growing team.

“Our growth is directly attributed to the amazing and dedicated talent on our team,” says Earl Rogalski, President. “Our company and culture embrace an entrepreneurial spirit, teamwork, collaboration, and creativity.  These values are the driving force behind our ability to develop cutting-edge solutions that solve real problems in manufacturing and various other industry groups.”

This recognition by Buffalo Business First serves as a testament to Pfannenberg’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainable growth in the ever-evolving manufacturing and industrial technology sectors.

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Pfannenberg Product Group Shot


Compact Packaged Chillers

Pfannenberg’s Compact Packaged Chillers – Efficient and Reliable

Our line of high-efficiency Compact Packaged Chillers (CCE) are an ideal centralized and cost-effective solution for use in machine tools, lasers, process control systems, and other applications where precise temperature control and reliability are critical.

Compact Packaged Chillers

Trouble-free Chillers

Our compact packaged chillers provide years of trouble-free operation. Combining durable, highly reliable components with a compact and lightweight design, these chillers offer easy transportation and consistent reliability. Their heavy-duty construction and highly serviceable design also mean reduced maintenance costs and long service life. Each chiller model comes with comprehensive equipment for easy installation and reliable operation, complete with a Hydraulic Bypass for increased protection against system failure.

Maximize Efficiency

Increasing productivity and product quality doesn’t need to come at a cost to a business’s bottom line. Utilizing our compact chillers maximizes business efficiency while reducing energy and maintenance costs. These compact chillers feature our Liquid Solutions technology with optimum corrosion resistance when used with our premix Ethylene and Propylene Glycol coolant. The chiller’s non-ferrous tank design greatly minimizes corrosion potential, additionally extending chiller life.

Capacity Options

Our compact chillers include the CCE 6301, 6401, and 6601. These models feature 2.4 kW to 6.5 kW capacity. Each CCE chiller offers standard-size features in a compact model. Plus, a single-phase power requirement makes installation a breeze in both commercial and industrial settings.

Reliable and Efficient

We offer customers unparalleled experience and high-quality components providing a high mean time between failures, and high reliability because of it. Plus, all our chillers consistently achieve top grades in energy consumption and efficiency. Centralized cooling can be achieved with a single chiller or chillers can be decentralized, with a chiller for each application. Our systems are customizable depending on application needs.

The CCE’s Smart and Precision Cooling features make these chillers a fit for applications from micromachining and precision manufacturing to scientific research and medical diagnostics. The CCE Compact Chillers offer a wide range of cooling capacities to meet a variety of application requirements.

Industry Applications

  • Lasers
  • Machine tools
  • Process control systems
  • Medical equipment
  • Food processing
  • Chemical processing
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Electronics manufacturing


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Pfannenberg Qualifies for UL’s Data Acceptance Program

We are proud to announce that our test lab has been assessed and found to comply with the applicable requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 in accordance with UL’s Data Acceptance Program (DAP) and has been qualified as a DAP participant in the Client Test Data Program (CTDP) for the testing and certification of special purpose air conditioning systems.

CTDP certification is awarded to companies that demonstrate the highest levels of quality management, laboratory testing capability, technical expertise and knowledge of industry standards. UL reassesses CTDP certification annually.

The CTDP certificate enables Pfannenberg to perform testing in its own laboratory, equivalent to the testing that UL performs. UL thoroughly reviews all data submitted by the Pfannenberg lab before issuing the UL Mark certification. CTDP certification significantly shortens the turnaround time for UL Mark certification, improving the speed to market for Pfannenberg new products and enhancements.

The Pfannenberg lab performs a wide range of tests critical to analyzing the performance and safety of air conditioning systems, including Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis (CFD), as well as environmental simulations, a climatic chamber, and IP protection class tests. The lab also performs transport and vibration tests and EMC / noise emission tests.

New Signal Tower Technology and Designs Means One Size Can Fit All Applications

By Jacob Vernon, Production Manager, Pfannenberg

With the advent of new signal tower technology and designs, state-of-the-art signal towers (aka stack lights) are now bright enough to fit all applications and environments. That makes it easier to order signal towers and reduces the number of spare parts needed.

The new generation of signal towers eliminates configuring, ordering, and stocking difficulties users previously faced because of the proliferation of different sizes and options to meet the wide range of applications.

Typical Signal Tower Lights and Alarms

Signal towers, like the INTENSE BR50 Stacklights, can contain up to five lights of different colors (red, amber, yellow, green, blue, and white), with each color signifying a particular status, warning, or alarm.

Lights in each category may blink continuously or intermittently to indicate a more urgent condition and to attract more attention. The signal tower may also include audible warning/alarming signals.

Application Affects Tower Number and Type of Lights

Stack towers are used in a wide variety of applications, which may affect the number and color of lights used. Examples include machine warning indication and machine fault management; productivity monitoring, for example rate-based machine output management with displays counting parts per hour or parts per shift and equipment effectiveness and productivity; and as warnings and alarms signifying hazardous chemical levels.

Advantages of New Generation of Stack Lights

A new generation of stack lights replaces incandescent bulbs with LED elements that can be 10,000 percent brighter, making them much more visible and better at capturing attention in all indoor and outdoor ambient light conditions.

LEDs also last much longer than incandescent bulbs. While incandescent bulbs typically are rated at a lamp life of only 2500 hours under ideal conditions, LED elements last for at least 50,000 hours. Moreover, LEDs are not as vulnerable to vibration and shock as incandescent bulbs, generate less heat, and consume much less electrical power.

The Size Advantage

Perhaps the most significant advantage of this new generation of stack lights is the LED’s smaller size. Some stack tower lights with incandescent bulbs feature diameters of up to 4 inches (100 mm), while state-of-the-art LED stack towers have lenses with half the diameter – even though the systems are much brighter.

One-Size-Fits-All Makes for Easier Ordering and Inventory

Selecting the right size and figuring out all required parts results in a complicated ordering process because incandescent bulb and lens sizes vary greatly depending on the application or environment’s luminosity requirements. This makes maintaining spare parts costly and burdensome.

The new state-of-the-art LED signal towers are bright enough so that one-size-fits-all, or nearly all, applications. That makes it much simpler to figure out what is needed for each application, and maintaining inventory is much cheaper and easier.

Signaling towers are a simple and effective solution for a wide variety of applications. New technology now makes them easier to order, install, and maintain.

Pfannenberg and People Inc. Partnership

In 2017, a partnership between Pfannenberg and People Inc. was developed. People Inc. works with Businesses to employ individuals with developmental disabilities to secure and maintain meaningful work.

Today, this partnership provides work opportunities for six People Inc. employees who are part of the Pfannenberg’s family and are working on our Filterfans® line.  In addition Pfannenberg also provides work for 10 employees at the People Inc. location in Depew.

A few days ago, Pfannenberg was delighted to receive a testimonial from People Inc. stating the impact Pfannenberg has on People Inc. workers. Ken Levan, Business Service Manager at People Inc. states :“Workers have had a chance to learn and develop new skills, which are unlike anything they have learned before. These new skills have led to increased confidence in everyone involved, as well as an even greater desire to learn. One employee, in particular, works three days per week at Pfannenberg. He had a history of being nervous when trying any new job and would express, “I can’t do it,” even before trying. Since he began working at Pfannenberg, he has embraced new work with confidence and enthusiasm. The People Inc. crews, as a whole, have learned the importance of taking pride in their work, and show it by ensuring quality in each piece that is produced. In addition, they have obtained a better understanding of working as a team and helping each other when assistance is needed.

Pfannenberg is proud to contribute to People Inc. workers personal and professional development. As the testimony states Everyone within the Pfannenberg Company has embraced the People Inc. employees as coworkers. They are greeted warmly each morning and included in staff luncheons. Pfannenberg staff will also frequently engage in casual conversation with People Inc. employees, resulting in a sense of belonging. This past summer, our crew was so thrilled when each person was given a company shirt and hat”.

Last Christmas, Pfannenberg honored the People Inc. team with year end awards as a thank you and recognition for all of their hard work and contributions to our company as they helped us exceed our production quota for Filterfans®.

Pfannenberg is proud to work with People Inc. individuals, the hard work they perform and the smiles that they bring to Pfannenberg impacts all of our lives.

Click here to read People Inc. full testimonial.


PYRA Flashing Light Sounder

Pfannenberg to Showcase Durable PATROL® and PYRA® Series Sounders at SME 2019

Pfannenberg, Inc. will highlight the durable PATROL® Series and PYRA® Series Flashing Light Sounders at 2019 SME Annual Conference & Expo in Denver, Colorado from February 24th–27th. Visit booth #2255 in the Exhibit Hall for audible and visual signaling solutions for mining safety.

PATROL® Series Flashing Sounders offer 80 pre-programmed alarm tones with 4 stages for distinctive signaling of specific events, such as conveyor start-up/stop, material jam, machine fault, and gas detection. Additionally, PATROL® Sounders endure the harshest mining environments with IK08 impact-rated polycarbonate/ABS housing. Durable and powerful, the PA X 20-15 reaches 122 dB (A) nominal sound pressure level and emits 15 Joules. A single device in heavy duty industry (90+dB) can cover over 350,000ft³ (visual) and 800,000ft³ (audio) with an effective viewing distance of nearly ¼ of a mile.

Rugged PYRA® Flashing Light Sounders emit extremely bright alarm flashes of up to 15 Joules and are ideal for gas, fire, and emergency evacuation alarming in dark or underground mining conditions. Selectable flash frequency, optional control input flash activation, and separate visual and acoustic signal controls make PYRA® Flashing Light Sounders customizable for a broad range of indoor and outdoor applications. With IP 66 ingress protection and an inrush current regulator, PYRA® Flashing Light Sounders operate in any environment.

Pfannenberg stands by each PATROL® and PYRA® Series Sounder with an industry-leading 10-Year Warranty.

Visit booth #2255 or contact our Signaling Experts to learn more.

About Pfannenberg

Established in 1954 by Otto Pfannenberg in Hamburg Germany, Pfannenberg is recognized as a leading global manufacturer of thermal management technologies within the Electro-technology Industry. In 1958 we invented the Filterfan®, which continues to be recognized worldwide as a leading product to help manage the temperature in electrical enclosures. Our business philosophy: Protecting Man, Machine and the Environment.