Pfannenberg Offers 24/7 Service to Support Thermal Management Equipment Whenever Customers Need it Most

Preventative maintenance, rapidly available spare parts, and more ensure maximum uptime!

As the days get longer and the air gets hotter, Summer season bring along its share of overheating electronics leading to machine downtimes. To help our customers dealing with the stress of summer heat, Pfannenberg offers extensive service and support program, which includes installation and commissioning, in-house and on-site repairs, preventative maintenance, spare parts, and extended warranties.

Even in the midst of the current global health crisis, the company’s international Services & Support team is available 24/7 to support customers with their Thermal Management and Process Cooling Equipment.

Of course, occasional equipment challenges and related downtime can’t be fully avoided. Pfannenberg’s goal is to minimize any downtime customer machines may experience due to a failure. As a result, the company’s comprehensive service team is guaranteed to be available whenever and wherever customers need. This guaranteed availability minimizes downtime, enabling customers to keep vital processes up and running consistently.

For customers who want to minimize downtime and reduce unscheduled maintenance, preventative maintenance (PM) is critically important. Regular preventative maintenance programs schedule service for optimal times, often during periods of planned downtime. This makes essential maintenance services more cost effective, and ensures that equipment is always performing well. Planning service needs during scheduled downtime ensures that customers can maintain efficiency and profitability. Pfannenberg can even manage the maintenance timing for customers, tracking units being maintained, spare parts needed, and more.

Quick access to spare parts is essential to optimizing uptime. Pfannenberg’s Global Parts Program ensures that spare parts are always available to customers worldwide. What’s more, spare part kits, bundled with the most frequently requested spare parts for each range of products, are always available to ensure top reliability and rapid service speed. Pfannenberg ensures fast and global delivery of spare parts to enable customers to reduce possible downtime to a minimum!

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