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Prevent Summer Overheating with Pfannenberg Enclosure Cooling Solutions

Preventing enclosure overheating in the summer can be a challenge for many factories, where temperatures can rise fast during hot days! The high summer temperatures are often the cause of overheating of electrical components located inside the enclosures reducing their lifespan, while also contributing to downtime and repairs. When this happens, the user often makes […]

Pfannenberg Announces New Outdoor Filterfan® (TYPE 3R)

High-Airflow Fan Operates Outdoors in a Range of Conditions Without Requiring a Rainhood Lancaster, NY – Pfannenberg, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of thermal management technologies, announces the new Outdoor Filterfan®, a rainproof filter fan with an unrivaled airflow suitable for outdoor weather conditions, which makes a rainhood unnecessary for most applications. Pfannenberg’s Outdoor Filterfans® are certified […]

#NationalSafetyMonth: How Pfannenberg’s Signaling Technology Helps to Mitigate Risks and Ensure Employee Safety

Do all your alarms sound the same? Did you consider the light/ambient sound levels of your facility or the area to be alarmed when you selected your signaling devices? If not, don’t worry, these are common errors that can be easily corrected with the appropriate signaling strategy. For #NationalSafetyMonth Jake, our Signaling Product Manager, explains […]

Liquid Cooling Solutions, the Best Choice for Complete Plant-wide Machine Cooling

When it comes to Thermal Management, cooling each machinery or electrical cabinet separately is usually the solution chosen by most of the industries. However, this leave a valuable optimization potential untapped. Maximum efficiency cooling for a whole system can be achieved with a cooling system solution consisting of air to water heat exchangers and water-based chillers. These ‘Liquid […]

Automatically Efficient: Pfannenberg’s Networked Cooling Units

Innovation by automation: Pfannenberg connects its thermal management solutions for switch cabinets to the cloud. This results in lower costs, fewer outages, and individual settings. Electrical enclosures like switch cabinets need a steady temperature of 35 °C. If that’s not the case, the sensitive inner workings could be sincerely damaged. For example, a temperature rise […]

Signaling Technology Ensures Safety in Crane & Hoist Applications

Audible and visible signals reduce risk of dangerous, costly accidents By Jacob Vernon, Signaling Specialist Audible & Visual Signaling, Pfannenberg June is #NationalSafetyMonth, an opportunity to raise awareness about  significant dangers to technicians, operators, and other workers on the floor related the the use of crane hoists. To avoid accidents, it is imperative that everyone […]

Taking Advantage of Planned Downtime for Preventative Maintenance

By Andrew Gossel, Service Technician, Pfannenberg, Inc. There is no time like the present to perform routine preventative maintenance for your equipment. When maintenance and cleaning is not done regularly, production lines may face failures. For many companies, production lines are the lifeblood of their business. Without proper equipment maintenance, some businesses experience unexpected shutdowns. […]

Protect Sensitive Electronics from Damaging Condensation

PROTECT SENSITIVE ELECTRONICS from damaging condensation caused by changes in temperature or humidity. Pfannenberg’s PFH-T Compact Fan Heater is perfect for maintaining the precise temperatures and condensation management required for the proper function of electronics. Our PFH-T Compact Fan Heater is perfect for the following industries and applications. Self Service Kiosks Irrigation and Outdoor Pump Control Systems […]

Pfannenberg’s Cooling Units Help Support Bottling Inspection

We understand as a consumer that it can get aggravating when you purchase a bottled beverage and the packaging is either defective or the container is not filled properly. It is crucial that beverage and food manufactures implement an inspection system – not only for sanitary reasons, but also for product quality.  Once quality is compromised, the manufacturer loses […]

Liquid Cooling For Induction Heating Processes

Using Chillers to Ensure the Maximum Cooling Capacity in the Smallest Possible Footprint Traditional metal working practices are time consuming and inefficient. Heating equipment takes a lot of time and therefore also uses a lot of energy. The removal of heat is also necessary, however, in order to maintain structural rigidness as well as to […]